Lords Mobile Launches Largest Update Since Release with the Familiar Update

The Familiar Update, which lets players capture beasts for their armies, is the biggest update for the game since launch.

Are you a fan of Lords Mobile AND capturing animals to attack your enemies? Then the Familiar Update is right up your alley. Boasting itself as the largest update since its release, the Familiar Update lets players train the mobs they used to grind for gold into Familiars they can bring to combat. However, this can only be done with a few steps first.

If you'd like to start training Familiars, you will need to construct a Spring, Mystic Spire, Monsterhold, and Gym. Springs will collect Anima, the resource specifically for Familiars. The Mystic Spire lets you create a Pact for a Familiar or a skillstone to boost your familiars. These Pacts, when opened, will give players a chance to earn crystals, familiars, or runes (think of them like a lootbox). With a familiar, you can then level them up in the Monsterhold or train them with your heroes in the Gym. With these monsters on your side, you can deal heavy damage to other armies.

According to IGG Games COO Kevin Xun:

“Lords Mobile is no ordinary war strategy game, but war... war never changes. We found inspiration in Fallout's famous tagline while brainstorming, and decided to shake things up by adding the Familiar system. With a Familiar’s unique skills by their side, players will have more options on the battlefield. We hope that all 80 million players who enjoy Lords Mobile will be blown away by our newest update!”

Will you get back into Lords Mobile with this new update? Does it remind you of other monster-based games like Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below.


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Published Dec. 8th 2017

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