Top 13 Custom Maps to play on Cities: Skylines while preparing for "Snowfall"

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"Snowfall", Cities: Skylines's second paid DLC, comes out Feburary 18th alongside a free update that adds weather and temperature to the base game. There's no better way to prepare for the snow to fall than by starting a brand new urban development project on one of the best custom maps of the past year.

After all, thanks to the efforts of BloodyPenguin and the modding community at large, we won't even need to abandon our old cities when Snowfall hits.

There are so many breathtaking custom maps for Cities: Skylines that I had trouble highlighting only a handful. With so much variety, you're bound to find the perfect map to start your next project on.

I followed two rules during my escapades through the jungle of the Steam Workshop:

  1. No Hogging the Spotlight - One map per mod author
  2. Natural Geography - The map must look realistic (none of this)

The following maps were all reviewed with the updated 81 Tiles mod, but a 25 tiles mod is recommended for anyone with a perpetual fear of falling off the edge of the Earth (and anyone with a dated rig).

Published Feb. 4th 2016

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