2018 Is Bringing Us Black Ops 4

Hopefully picking up from where they left off, Activision is bringing us Black Ops 4 as the COD game for the year to come.

Amidst an array of uncertain rumors and weeks of anticipation, it has finally been confirmed by Activision that Call of Duty's entry for 2018 will be Black Ops 4. The game will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 12th.

While Call of Duty traditionally blesses us with releases in November, this will be the first time in a decade that a game is released earlier in the fall, standing mysteriously neck to neck with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 later in October.

Earlier this week, James Harden of the Houston Rockets was caught casually sporting a baseball cap featuring a modified logo of the Black Ops numerals -- which, for the record, does not signify the actual Roman numeral of the number four (IV) but rather added an extra notch to the number three (III). 

At first, there was no telling that "IIII" would be the official logo of the release, but sources have confirmed that indeed Harden was nonchalantly leaking the news before anyone else got the chance.

Activision will be revealing Black Ops 4 (sorry, IIII) at a special event on May 17. Things are going way faster than we usually expect them to, and that's greatbecause who doesn't want another Black Ops binge? 

That said, Black Ops 3 had just received a surprising update, which could possibly be teasing players with what is to come with the fourth installment of the sub-series. Activision loves to pull its subliminal marketing campaign this early in the wake of a release and has done the same thing with Black Ops 2 and 3.


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Published Mar. 12th 2018

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