Fire Emblem Heroes Introduces New Characters and New Event

FEH is bringing some furry friends from Fates starting February 20, plus an all new story chapter

Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo's mobile entry in the long-running Fire Emblem franchise, regularly receives content updates with new characters and events.

One such update is taking place on February 20 at 11:00 pm PDT (or February 21 at 2:00 am EDT), and it introduces four new characters plus a new story event featuring those characters.

During this summoning event, players get the chance to summon certain characters. This go around, the event focuses on the Wolfskin and Kitsune characters from Fire Emblem Fates — Keaton and Velouria from Conquest and Kaden and Selkie from Birthright.

Like all heroes in FEH, these have different artwork from their original games and additional voice acting.

They each also have a new moveset with different skills.


  • Wolfskin Fang — Attacks twice and reduces speed by 5. If Keaton isn't around human allies, he transforms, get +2 Attack, and deals +10 damage when Specials trigger
  • Draconic Aura — Boosts damage by 30% of Keaton's attack
  • Special Spiral 3 — If special triggers before or during combat, grants Special cooldown count -2 after combat
  • Beast Valor 3 — All beat units get 2x SP while Keaton remains alive (doesn't stack)


  • Wolfpup Fang — Grants unit +3 Speed. On turn 1, also grants Special cooldown -2 for the unit and any support partners. If Velouria isn't around human allies, she transforms, get +2 Attack, and deals +10 damage when Specials trigger
  • Luna — Treats foes' Defense and Resistance as though they were reduced by 50%
  • Close Def 3 — If a foe attacks the unit and inflicts weapon or stone damage, the unit gets +6 for Defense and Resistance
  • Ward Beasts — Grants +4 Defense and Resistance to beast allies within 2 spaces of the unit


  • Kitsune Fang — Grants +3 to unit's Defense. Also grants Attack, Speed, and Defense bonuses to units within 2 spaces equal to existing stat bonuses. If Kaden isn't around human allies, he transforms, gains +2 Attack, and when initiating combat, inflicts -4 Attack and Defense on foes, preventing them from moving as well.
  • Pivot — lets unit move to the other side of the targeted ally, range of 1 space
  • Speed/Resistance Link 3 — If a movement assist skill, such as Pivot, is used by the unit or targets the unit, it grants +6 to Speed and Resistance to the unit and target ally, or the unit and the unit targeting the ally for 1 turn
  • Goad Beasts — Grants +4 to Attack and Speed for beast allies within 2 spaces.


  • Foxkit Fang — Grants +3 to Resistance. If the unit's Resistance is greater than an attacking foe's Resistance, and if that foe uses weapons or a stone, it grants the unit a boost to all stats  equal to 50% of the difference between the Resistance stats. If Selkie isn't around human allies, she transforms, gains +2 Attack, and when initiating combat, inflicts -4 Attack and Defense on foes, preventing them from moving as well.
  • Iceberg — Boosts damage by 50% of the unit's Resistance stat
  • Attack/Speed Bond 3 — If unit is adjacent to an ally, grants +5 to Attack and Speed during combat
  • Sabotage Atk 3 — At the start of a turn, if any foe's Resistance is less than or equal to the unit's minus 3, and if that foe is adjacent to another foe, the skill inflicts -7 to that foe's attack for its next turn.
  • Even Res Wave 3 — At the start of even-numbered turns, the skill grants +6 Resistance to the unit and adjacent allies for 1 turn. The unit gets the bonus, even if no allies are around.

The new story chapter is titled "A King's Worth," though nothing else was revealed about it in the event announcement trailer.

Will you be taking part in the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes summoning event? Let us know in the comments, and check back with GameSkinny for more FEH news and discussions!


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Published Feb. 18th 2019

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