Final Fantasy XR Ride to Go Live at Universal Japan on June 24

On June 24th of this year, Universal Japan will debut their VR Final Fantasy ride.

It's a good time to be a fan of video games and theme parks. Studio Ghibli Park has been confirmed for 2020, we saw a reveal for the Nintendo park last year, and now we have a confirmed Final Fantasy virtual reality ride arriving his year at Universal Japan.

The ride itself is called the Mog Ship: Magitek Observation Guild and lets the park goer experience the full gamut of the majesty of the Final Fantasworlds. You get to run with the chocobos, explore Midgar, and witness the climactic duel between Sephiroth and Cloud.

While there hasn't been a confirmation of any of the other fan favorites from the long-standing series, there is footage of a map in the YouTube trailer that details a multiverse structure of every Final Fantasy game from the first to the 15th, so it wouldn't be unfair to assume that we're going to get a little bit of everything on this VR roller coaster.

The Final Fantasy VR coaster is a welcome addition to the Universal Japan family, which also features an upcoming Sailor Moon attraction to be released later this year.


Published Jan. 19th 2018

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