6 Games We Want To See At E3 2016

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As people take stock of everything we've learned from E3, there are those who are already looking towards next year's event and wondering what new surprises could be revealed in 12 months' time. 

Although everyone knew beforehand that Fallout 4 would be shown this year, its grand reveal at the event was still met with much opened-mouthed gasping. The best part of these Electronic Entertainment Expos is the excitement that comes with the big game announcements: what will we see? Will it be any good? Why the hell have they not talked about the game we've been waiting 5 years for?

But, as everyone knows, there are those 'upcoming' titles that feel like a mirage in the dessert: you can see them on the horizon, but you're not sure if they're real. Every time another E3 comes round, you're hoping to discover the oasis wasn't just an illusion. 

Out of all the games on this list, some have a good chance of actually making an appearance in 2016, while others may be more wishful thinking than anything else.

So, in 365 days' time, here are the six games we hope to be talking about - and how amazing they looked at E3 2016.

Published Jun. 20th 2015
  • Auverin Morrow
    Featured Contributor
    You can add The Elder Scrolls VI to that list for me. Fingers crossed for a cool location like Argonia or Elswyr.
  • Rob Thubron
    Featured Correspondent
    that would be truly spectacular. There'll be so many 200+ hour games, no one will ever sleep again.

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