Skullgirls Fourth DLC Character Vote Round 2 Begins!

Round 2 of the vote for the fourth DLC character will begin shortly.

Things are getting heated up once again in the vote for the DLC character in Skullgirls. Now that it's down to the fourth and final character, the second one the fans vote for, everybody is at each other's throats in hopes that their waifu will make it.

If you were hoping to rock the bodies of any of the following characters, you will have to wait until the next batch of roster additions. These are the characters who have been eliminated: Mrs. Victoria, Leduc, Adam, Hubrecht, Andy, Hive, Ottomo, Samson, Yu-Wan, and Regina.

If your choice was not listed in the previous paragraph, then they are still in the running for the next addition to Skullgirls. Round 2 began today, so, be sure to check your e-mail for the link to vote.

My top two (Beowulf and Stanley) have yet to be eliminated, thankfully. My condolences go out to anyone whose Skullgirls' character of choice struck out. There is always next time.

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Published May. 10th 2013

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