Don't Expect New SNES Games on Switch Every Month, Says Nintendo

We've already got 20 SNES games on Nintendo's online service, but we might not get more additions every month from here on.

Just yesterday, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers finally had their prayers answered and got access to SNES games on Nintendo Switch, though there's a bit of a catch. The Big N says not to expect new games added on a regular basis.

The update was actually part of Nintendo Japan's original announcement about SNES/Super Famicom games, and the folks over at Vooks recently translated it.

Since NES titles were added to the online service last year, Nintendo has regularly added two, sometimes three, games to the library every month.

Now that the initial 20 SNES games have a library of their own on Nintendo Switch, there's apparently no regular schedule for any future offerings. The same applies to future NES games as well.

Those concerned that this means no new SNES games will be added at all should rest easy, though. Nintendo says games will still be added from time to time, just "irregularly" with no set schedule.

This development isn't altogether surprising, though. Nintendo has a history of erratic release schedules on its retro services, with the Virtual Console — the 3DS one in particular — being recent and rather notorious examples.

Still, this first release of SNES games is already close to a third of the number of NES titles on the Switch, and the latter includes duplicate SP editions. Even without regular newcomers, it seems Nintendo is set to maintain a healthy SNES library on Switch.


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Published Sep. 6th 2019

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