Room is Cold... Lights are Off... Welcome to Amnesia!

This video is full of pepper and diet coke habits. Oh yeah, and a game.

Hey everyone. I just started my channel a couple of days ago and I decided I'd like to make gaming videos as just a little hobby. My true aspiration is filmmaking, which brings up the topic of my older account which has a bit more subscribers. 

Right now I'm starting easy on Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I know it's been done before and I know it's a little old but hey, it's fun! My videos introduce something quirky into the gaming world, which you'll see in the two videos I have up so far. 

I already have the entire gameplay recorded, but editing and exporting and importing and rendering just takes up a lot of time. But let me tell you, I assure you that you will laugh. At me. Hopefully. Poetry. 

Don't worry about the quality of the first two videos, as the following ones will be crisp high definition. The sound is great and the content itself I would say is kinda funny. The real horror is to come...

Published Mar. 1st 2014
  • Chris_9525
    Hey guys. Feel free to leave a comment. Give the video a rating out of 10, what I should do to improve and all that jazz. All feedback will be read, and all feedback would be great. Thanks!

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