Rocket League Collector's Edition releases July 5, with 4 new cars included

Rocket League will get a physical release along with 4 brand new cars for players to use in July. The game currently has over 12 million players worldwide.

Rocket League will no longer be known as a digital-only game beginning July 5. A collector’s edition has been announced for the popular car soccer game, and it includes three of the previous DLC packs, along with 4 new cars. The Rocket League Collector’s Edition will be available at retailers on July 5, and GameStop has already listed the game for pre-order at the price of $29.99.

$30 for a total of 10 cars, 4 brand new ones, and the original game is quite a bargain. Rocket League has been a hit since its digital release last July. Within three weeks of release on Xbox One, the game managed to sell over a million copies.

This new Collector’s Edition will surely bring in more players. The only question left to ask, whether or not the 4 new cars will be made available to digital copy owners as DLC? If not, his could lead to more people going out and buying the Collector’s Edition.

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Published Apr. 8th 2016

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