Video Game Adaptations for Film (That Would Work)

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 With all of the video game movies that are produced eventually being churned out as horrible, B-grade disasters, I've always wondered why the film industry selects games that don't work as movies? With so many story rich titles out there prime for the red carpet, for the life of me, I just can't understand it. Once, just once, I would really love a team or studio to tackle a game they really understand AND have the budget to pull it off (pointing fingers at YOU Uwe Boll).

I haven't found a video game adaptation that I have really enjoyed yet, and those that I can stand seem to be getting fewer every year with little hope on the horizon.

Having said that, I created a few mock trailer videos of my own, inspired by games that I love (and would make killer movies) in hopes that maybe, just maybe one day, we can see some justice done.

Click next to check out which titles I think would rock the world and put games on par with comic book movies! ENJOY!

*NOTE: Please select the highest display settings for best quality! YouTube has a habit of marking them down.*

Potential Movie: FarCry (3)

By far my favorite FarCry of them all. I absolute love the storyline and the characters in the third installment, especially Vaas. (Anyone else see a little bit of the Joker in there?) If you actually look further into the story and the symbolic/psychological undertones, you have some great material for an action/adventure/psychological thriller. Take my money...

Who do you think should play the main and supporting characters?

Potential Movie: Mass Effect or Dawn of the Reapers (3-Part Trilogy)

Absolutely one of my favorite gaming franchises since, I can't even remember, Mass Effect had it all except a proper ending. (Or did they? Look up 'The Indoctrination Theory' and prepare to have your mind blown!) Still, it has everything you loved in a game, but as a movie, it may not be that engaging. Passively taking in Shepard's story may not have the same effect but...I don't care. Seeing Commander Shepard on the big screen would be glorious, especially if done as a sci-fi (duh)/action/psychological thriller (yet again). Imagine a crazy twist or journeying into Shepard's mind while the Reapers toy with him? I'm already salivating...

Who do you think should play (or voice) the main and supporting characters?


Potential Movie: Abe's Exoddus or The Oddworld Inhabitants

I was watching the trailer for Warcraft the other day, and don't get me wrong, I think it will be awesome. The trailer is fantastic and it has one of my favourite actors, Travis Fimmel in the lead (though what's up with that Ragnar accent yet again? Is he Viking in Warcraft as well? I digress).

It got me to thinking, if a movie like Warcraft has been made and the graphics look fantastic, then why hasn't our resourceful, little buddy Abe, a.k.a Stitchlips,, not made the cut? It has a dark and gritty (yet engaging and original) story, cannibalism, aliens, traps and body possessions; the list goes on. I could really see a big budget studio take this on, and if they stick close to the original material, it could be a gold mine. Who doesn't remember sending those helpless, poor Mudokons to their doom, by accident of course...right?

Who do you think should play (or voice) the main and supporting characters?

Potential Movie: The Duke: Nuk'em All or Land of the Babes

Yes, I know that the Duke hasn't exactly been that popular since the 90s and his return to video games wasn't exactly well received, but let's face facts; you can't hate on the Duke.

With the return of 80s style movies, older action heroes gracing our screens once again (and kicking ass doing so!), parodies of 80s tropes and more, who couldn't see a slick comedy/action/sci-fi with the Duke played by, gee I dunno, the Governator? Maybe even throw Seth Rogen in there for comic relief? Yeah, I'd pay to see that, but then again I am a child of the 90s and love crude, crude humour (admit it, you do too). 

Well that was the last I had for you here at GameSkinny!

Each video took more than eight hours to produce, and were all made for fun and entertainment. I want to know what you all thought of my videos, so please leave a comment below, and I'll be happy to reply. If you like them, why not check out more on my YouTube channel Shark Tank Gaming.


Published Mar. 28th 2016


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