Video Game Adaptations for Film (That Would Work)

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*Video courtesy of YouTube channel, WatchMojo.

 With all of the video game movies that are produced eventually being churned out as horrible, B-grade disasters, I've always wondered why the film industry selects games that don't work as movies? With so many story rich titles out there prime for the red carpet, for the life of me, I just can't understand it. Once, just once, I would really love a team or studio to tackle a game they really understand AND have the budget to pull it off (pointing fingers at YOU Uwe Boll).

I haven't found a video game adaptation that I have really enjoyed yet, and those that I can stand seem to be getting fewer every year with little hope on the horizon.

Having said that, I created a few mock trailer videos of my own, inspired by games that I love (and would make killer movies) in hopes that maybe, just maybe one day, we can see some justice done.

Click next to check out which titles I think would rock the world and put games on par with comic book movies! ENJOY!

*NOTE: Please select the highest display settings for best quality! YouTube has a habit of marking them down.*

Published Mar. 28th 2016
  • Stan Rezaee
    Featured Contributor
    Making a movie based on video games is like making a movie based on a comic, it needs to be made by a real geek with talent and respect for the art. I would love to see a Metal Gear Solid movie directed by Christopher Nolan or George A Romero's version of Resident Evil.
  • Shark Tank Gaming
    I would LOVE to see MGS movie! That's a brilliant idea for my next trailer! Resident Evil would be brilliant too, especially George Romero-esque!
    You're right on both points, even Michael Fassbender went through the trouble to play the games, read the books and hire writers who know about the game in his production of the new Assassin's Creed movie (which I'm really excited for!).

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