Video Game Adaptations for Film (That Would Work)

Potential Movie: Mass Effect or Dawn of the Reapers (3-Part Trilogy)

Absolutely one of my favorite gaming franchises since, I can't even remember, Mass Effect had it all except a proper ending. (Or did they? Look up 'The Indoctrination Theory' and prepare to have your mind blown!) Still, it has everything you loved in a game, but as a movie, it may not be that engaging. Passively taking in Shepard's story may not have the same effect but...I don't care. Seeing Commander Shepard on the big screen would be glorious, especially if done as a sci-fi (duh)/action/psychological thriller (yet again). Imagine a crazy twist or journeying into Shepard's mind while the Reapers toy with him? I'm already salivating...

Who do you think should play (or voice) the main and supporting characters?

Published Mar. 28th 2016

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