7 Pirate Games to Plunder Before Sea of Thieves Releases

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Jolly Rover

Pirate Dogs! Heavily influenced by and frequently referencing Monkey Island, Brawsome's Jolly Rover is a treat for fans who've exhausted LucasArts' series and are looking for something similar. Playing as Gaius James Rover -- who just wants to join the circus like his father -- you're kidnapped by pirates while delivering a potent brew called Jolly Rover (accidentally created by mixing tobacco and rum). This sets off a chain of events that leads you to becoming a pirate and having a very enjoyable -- and often hilarious -- adventure. Also, there's a parrot that gives you hints if you feed him crackers. Brilliant.


Hopefully, now you've got your eye patches and peg-legs on and are ready to jump aboard when Sea of Thieves and Skull & Bones release in 2018. For news and information on both as they develop, stay tuned to GameSkinny.



Published Aug. 11th 2017

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