Predator joins Mortal Kombat X as playable character

The Predator is slinking onto Mortal Kombat X's vicious roster.

Forget Xenomorphs. And screw Freddy. The Predator is taking on Jason Voorhees himself in his debut trailer for Mortal Kombat X, the latest in the popular blood-soaked fighting series. The Terror of Crystal Lake never stood a chance.

Mortal Kombat X picks up two years after the previous installment left off, retaining the downloadable content feature introduced in 2011. The Predator appears alongside fellow horror movie star Jason as one of two guest characters

For those of you who jumped on the $30 Kombat Pack season pass, the Predator is available today as a part of the "Predator/Prey" pack that also includes three skins: Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion, and Carl Weathers as Jax. For everyone else, you'll have to wait another agonizing week before you can nab the whole bundle for $7.99, or just buy the Predator as a standalone character for $4.99.

Oh, and don't forget to pick up the Klassic Fatalities Pack, released for free by Warner Bros. and NetherRealm for free as a thank you to the fans.


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Published Jul. 7th 2015

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