What's Next for Destiny?

The Taken King was a success, what's next for Destiny?

The Taken King was a trememdous success for Destiny: the expansion added an enjoyable story, it fixed many game mechanics that plagued the vanilla version of the game, and it made the game feel finally polished and not seem like a beta. Bungie is hitting it's strides with Destiny and I feel more optimistic for the game. But even though TTK was a success, there are still flaws in the game and there's a lot of changes that can make Destiny a masterpiece. Here are some of my ideas about what Bungie should add to future releases. 

In Game Grimoire 

Most games that have extra information not told in the main story have in game codexs. Destiny chooses to have external codex called the Grimoire, forcing players to go online in order to read more about the lore of Destiny. The Taken King added more side story elements by using your Ghost to scan objects within the game to learn some background information. Unfortunately, this is still underwhelming considering the rich background Destiny has. If Bungie was to add an in game Grimoire inside the character's pause screen, more players can learn the amazing story Destiny has to offer. 

Character Loadouts

Destiny is rich in character improvement, you have an arsenal of equipment at your disposal. Unfortunately, it's not very intuitive to change guns during a crucible match without leaving your self vulnerable. If only Bungie could allow players to make preset loadouts which would make switching weapons and subclasses easier in crucible or strike missions. This is a basic element already in many FPS games such as Call of Duty

Pregame Lobby

The crucible is fun, streamlined experience. You jump in and out of matches very quickly. But the game has grown to the point where it needs a pregame lobby. Players should have the choice to vote on maps for the next match and equiped their propers weapons or... loadouts--if ever added to the game. The game should also have one little addition to postgame, a characters medals earned through the crucible match should be displayed and explained. You know like...Halo... come on Bungie.

Revamp Old Raids

The Vault of Glass was one the best experiences in vanilla Destiny. It's a shame to see collecting dust and not being played anymore. These raids should be revamped and made more difficult. The rewards can be as simple as year two versions of raid gear and weapons. 

These are just a few things I think Bungie should consider for future expansions. What do you guys think should be added or improved. Sound off in the comments below. 

Published Sep. 28th 2015

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