Kingdom Under Fire 2 Entering English Beta in SE Asia

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is entering beta in SE Asia for a limited time.

Those who have enjoyed the Kingdom Under Fire games may be interested to know the RTS-action RPG hybrid's MMO successor, Kingdom Under Fire 2, is making its way to its first English beta in Southeast Asia on January 23rd. This beta phase will last until January 26th.

The Kingdom Under Fire series is notable for its mixture of action RPG (or hack and slash) and RTS gameplay, allowing players a unique way to wage war and conquer new territories. Though the original release in 2001 was a PC exclusive, subsequent side releases have been Microsoft console-exclusive.

Getting a beta key

As usual, getting a beta key from the official site is a bit of a hassle. In order to do so you must link your Facebook account with the Kingdom Under Fire 2 site and 'Like' the game. You must also have five of your friends 'Like' the game as well to receive your key.

Here's a list of tasks:

  1. Connect your Facebook account with Kingdom Under Fire 2
  2. 'Like' the game
  3. Have 5 friends 'Like' the game as well

Once you have completed the above, publisher should send you a beta key. You can log in on January 21st and 22nd to create your character. The beta itself begins on January 23rd and will only be available from 6PM to 12AM GMT+8.

For those in North America, it begins at 5AM EST/2AM PST and ends at 11AM EST/8AM PST.

Beta events for in-game and cash shop currency

Beta participants will receive mall coins, MCoins, and in-game cash for taking part in some small events to use when the game fully launches. They appear to be paying out in three separate currencies.

The events are as follows:

  • Daily Login Reward - Players will receive mall coins for logging in each day during the four day beta period, with a cumulative payout of 150k mall coins for those who log in each of the four days. Individual day payouts are as follows:
    • January 23rd - 30,000
    • January 24th - 35,000
    • January 25th - 40,000
    • January 26th - 45,000
  • Level Bonus Awards - Players who reach level 15 will receive 6,000 of cash for use in the in-game item mall.
  • The Bug Master - Being the first person to report a bug nets players 1000+ MCoins to purchase cash shop currency.
  • Super Rookie - The first 10 players to reach level 18, take a screenshot, and post it to the game's Facebook page will receive 5x Holy Summon for use in-game.

If this all seems confusing, do take a look at the event list on the official Kingdom Under Fire 2 website.

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Published Jan. 16th 2014

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