Top 3 Reasons Why Sea of Thieves Is A Pirate's Life For Me

The top 3 reasons why I think Sea of Thieves will live up to it's own hype.

Sea of Thieves, a game being created by Rare which is going to be on the Xbox One and Windows PC sometime in 2017 is possibly the most hyped up game of next year. I am going to give my reasoning on why I feel it is the pirate's life for us, and why I have some hope it'll be good.

1. You Get To Be A Drunken Pirate!

What would a pirate game be without drinking, sailing a ship, and of course more drinking? In the game you can be a drunk, play the accordion, and try your best to get your ship moving with your crew. Up above is just a taste of what is to come in the full game, plus a lot more.  Expect to have tons of fun and hours of play with family and friends. You can apparently go to the pub, get drunk, and board on your ship in an epic fail fashion, which is hilarious.

2. Teamwork Is Required

A game where you have to use teamwork to get your ship going is something I am happy to see. You're going to have around eight crew mates who you are free to help, mess around, or just do quests and objectives with. Exploring around and fighting off ships all involves heavy teamwork with everyone. In a post on the Xbox One subreddit, it explains how much fun a user had playing the demo. This goes to show that it is in fact requiring team effort, even if you wanna mosey around.

3. It Has Endless Play

I don't know anyone who will get bored of the game anytime soon if there is a ton to do. It's an open world pirate simulator game with comedy elements too, but we expect that from Rare. It may even be the next Goldeneye 007 if the game sells and does very well. Sea of Thieves took home awards at Gamescom, winning best Xbox One game, best PC game, best first party game, and best adventure game.

But again, these are just my thoughts. What are your opinions, and views, on the game of based on what we have seen to date?


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Published Aug. 25th 2016

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