5 Great MMOs That Aren't Fantasy Themed

Five MMOs that diverge from fantasy and delve into themes like sci-fi, superheroes,and ancient China...

We have played all sorts of MMOs based on fantasy worlds, with fictional races, magic and other typical elements of the genre. However, there is also a place for other kinds of titles based in different themes. They take inspiration from franchises, real places or history, and set themselves in unique settings, far from what we are used to.

In this list, you will find the best five MMOs you can currently play that are not fantasy themed. 

Star Trek Online

Trekies have their own MMO with Star Trek Online, which lets you play as the captain of a startship, have your own crew and explore the infinite vastness of the universe. The game is filled with planets, characters and nods to the franchise. It also has a very strong community that lasts until its current days, thanks to the transmediality of the franchise.

However, Star Trek Online isn't just a simple MMO for hardcore fans. It includes great character customization, deep and entertaining space combat and lots of objectives and quests to do, which can be created by the players themselves. It also offers on-foot missions, but they aren't as developed as the other ones.

It is a great alternative to other futuristic, spaceship-focused MMOs that are too complex, like EVE Online.

Age of Wushu

Age of Wushu is a stylish MMO inspired by ancient China. It is the most unique game on this list, a game capable of delivering a truly Chinese atmosphere, with great sound design and a colourful setting.

The combat system is also really original and agile, and based on martial arts. You get to use a variety of movements that fall into three different classes: defense, offense and feints. Combining these actions, you will have to defeat your enemies in a game where PvP is the king, one that is incredibly complex and packed with a great variety of game modes.

For those who are looking for something really different and unique, Age of Wushu is your MMO.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars is the second sci-fi franchise on the list, but its inclusion is totally justified. The Old Republic is an excellent MMO with an exponential growth in both quality and size. Its gameplay is very traditional, yet effective, with all the elements fans are known to love.

It even has a compelling story, especially for non-MMO standards, that stands out above other games of its genre, following the steps of the fantastic Knights of the Old Republic. As usual, you can choose between becoming a jedi or a sith and follow the path you desire, which is plagued with moral decisions that impact the world around you.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the perfect game for fans (obviously), but also for anyone who loves traditional MMOs and good storytelling.

EVE Online

Of course, we had to include the tremendously deep EVE Online on the list. The amount of time and effort this game demands is titanic, but you won't find any MMO that is more complex and mature than this one. The grandiosity of EVE Online extends to every aspect of the title, from spaceship combat and maintenance to economy, exploration and more.

It also has one of the biggest and most dedicated communities in any MMO. The amount of customization options mean that you can play as a pirate, a politic, a merchant, a spy... It is such a social experience that the interactions with other players will probably define if you love or hate the game.

EVE Online is the least accesible game on the list, one that can be terrifying for a noob, but it can also be the richest one.

DC Universe Online

Finally, there is DC Universe Online, the MMO based in the well-known comic book publisher universe. It is a game that has managed to capture the essence of being a super hero/super villain, with an extremely active take on the gameplay that differentiate itself from other titles of the genre. The combat feels like a hack n' slash: full of combos, dodges and powerful, striking moves.

Regarding the in-game progression, it has a traditional approach in some ways, with quests, open areas and both PvP and PvE. It also displays a great, deep high-end loop, with lots of raids, dungeons and PvP modes. From an artistic point of view, it manages to recreate the atmosphere of the comics, fitting all kinds of characters in one, big world.

Now that the superheroes movies are more popular than ever, it is a great time to dive into DC Universe Online and enjoy an interesting, fun game.

What do you think of these games? Do they interest you? Or do you prefer more traditional MMORPGS? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


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Published Nov. 14th 2016

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