Developer: Tomb Raider PS4 Outperforms Xbox One Version

It seems the PlayStation 4 version will be the most "definitive."

Which version of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition should you buy? Sounds like PlayStation 4 is the winner.

During a new GamesRadar Livestream, Crystal Dynamics executive producer Scot Amos talked about the maximum performance of the PS4 and Xbox One iterations. As it turns out, the team always planned for a minimum of 1080p and 30 frames per second, but they can do a little better with Sony's console. The game should run at 60 FPS, according to Amos:

"’re seeing it right here. So, there definitely... One of the things that people had asked, they had heard various quotes - actually heard some misquotes - but our goal from the beginning was always to be 1080p gameplay at 30 frames per second minimum."

Amos added that "anything past 30 was gravy," as that was their original goal. As for the Xbox One version, it won't be locked at 30 (although some sources have reported a steady 30FPS), but it will "sit around" that level most of the time. In contrast, the PS4 version "will attempt to hit 60 FPS as often as possible."

This isn't the first time we've heard about PS4 versions of multiplatform titles performing better than their Xbox One counterparts. We've been hearing that since the two consoles launched and just recently, industry insider "thuway" Tweeted that Watch Dogs would also be a little better on PS4.

Does this mean the PS4 is simply more capable?

Not necessarily. Still, it's interesting that so many multiplatform games are able to perform better on Sony's console. Maybe this will change in the future, depending on how quickly developers learn about each respective platform. For the most part, once a generation gets going, multiplatform games are pretty similar (if not identical) across consoles.

At the start of last generation, for example, PS3 versions of multiplatform games were inferior to the Xbox 360 versions, just because developers were using the easier 360 as the lead platform. When they started using the PS3 as the lead platform (and many did), things changed.

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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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