Flash Review: Ragdoll Achievement

Another amazing Flash Review, and I'm not the only one saying that this time...except I am. This time the game is Ragdoll Achievement, a unashamed achievement quest with incredibly little to be ashamed of. This one comes all the way from andkon.com.

Look out Confusebox, I just found my new time eater, Ragdoll Achievement.

Creative Sadism

Okay, so the point of the game is to hurt the crash dummy in any way you want to. The only challenge is collecting all of the achievements in the game, and of course the limits of your ingenuity. I'm probably getting more enjoyment out of hurting the dummy than I should be but, one: it's an inanimate object and two: think of all the money I'm saving on therapy.

You have to place your traps just so to keep the dummy moving into other traps, since each trap has a certain duration/durability. You really need to make sure each trap gets used as much as it can, the trap I mean. Did I say "trap" enough? Because this game is mostly about them. Well traps and achievements really, YES... met my quota.

Sights and Sounds

The rock music that plays really doesn't help against the "rock 'n' roll music causes violence" argument... but it sounds good at least. The flame throwers, machine guns, cross bows, explosions, saws, groans of pain all sound really good... I swear this game is rated E.

The visuals are actually better than what I would expect from your typical flash game. I mean, they could be better but the game already looks like it would fit in with any game that you could buy and play on a smart phone.


I should stop review flash games, eventually I'll find the one that never lets me go. I got pretty close with Ragdoll Achievement, even though the game play is incredibly repetitive (I'm not that creative I admit) there's a lot to ... achieve (man that creativity is really shining through, huh?), and just because it's repetitive doesn't mean it's not fun. I rearrange about seven saws just to see how close I can get the dummy to dancing. Pretty close, but I don't think serration is part of any dance.

I can easily see my self spending most of an afternoon playing this game, probably from taking a break from playing cp6 or Confusebox.


You can play this one at Andkon.com


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Published Jan. 17th 2013

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