The dream's not dead yet? Feat. Norman Reedus & Kojima Productions

We don't know where this is headed, but that's not stopping the hype train!

Silent Hills was a game we all fell for that ended up breaking our hearts.

Once upon a time Silent Hills was announced as a continuation of the Silent Hill video game series by Konami. The game itself looked promising, judging by the excellent playable teaser (P.T.) that was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The demo captured the heart of nearly every horror game fan out there. 

It wasn't meant to be though. Konami took a surprising route with their video game division, which (in part) resulted in the termination of their relationship with Hideo Kojima -- the man behind Kojima Productions, which was in charge of developing Silent Hills. The game got cancelled and the playable teaser was pulled from the PlayStation stores. 

Fast-forward to the present: Kojima-san has left Konami and is now running Kojima productions independently. This was a sign of good things to come, given the track record behind Kojima Productions -- and as it turns out, we just might be in for a treat. 

Norman Reedus was set to star as the protagonist for Silent Hills back when the idea was first conceived. We thought that the cancellation of Silent Hills was the end of the relationship between Kojima-san and the popular actor, but all signs point otherwise, especially given this recent image that the actor has posted on his Instagram account:

Also there's this:


So, what does this mean? Is it a possible reboot of Silent Hills? That's probably a bit too much to hope for, since Konami still owns the rights. But does this give us something to be excited about? Absolutely!

Maybe Silent Hills is gone for good, but the people who were behind it are still here and look like they're going to be teaming up once again. We saw what happened the first time -- who's to say the second won't be as good? 


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Published Feb. 17th 2016

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