FFXIV: New Cross Game Footage Of Lightning in A Realm Reborn

New footage of Lightning in Final Fantasy XIV released.

Square Enix has released new footage of Lightning in Final Fantasy XIV. In the new video we get to see some of the bosses that we will have to help Lightning kill. As far as I've gathered these battles will be similar to the two endgame FATEs that are currently out, those being Odin and Behemoth.

Based on the video, the FATE seems to be spread across several locations similar to the Odin FATE. I caught glimpses of Mor Dhona, Thanalan, and Coerthas. For the Mor Dhona location I also recognised the Final Fantasy XIII version of Odin that Lightning summons being involved in the battle. I'm very interested in seeing if there will be quest tie-ins with this new FATE set up so that we can understand why Lightning is in Eorzea.

Upon completing the FATEs players will gain access to new Final Fantasy XIII themed gear. Female characters will be able to get Lightning's outfit, while male characters will be able to get Snow's. Several weapons from the game are also being added to FFXIV, with some completely new designs such as the Monk weapon.

As far as I can tell, no date for implementation has been released yet. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the Final Fantasy XIII FATE being added to FFXIV.

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Published Sep. 26th 2013
  • Kaitlin Silver
    Featured Contributor
    Read my past articles, and you'll know I'm a huge fan of Lightning and the XIII saga (despite the criticism). And yes, I'm looking forward to seeing her in XIV, but I hope I can actually "see her" since I couldn't even see Odin when I found his FATE.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Yeah I hope they fix that, not being able to see the boss of a FATE is quite troublesome.
  • Cortalia
    ... you know I really do hope things work out for Lightning in the end, I really do.

    She's gotta go through time and space to try and get her sister back, an apparently save the world... now she's being thrown into Eroza... some hero's just never seem to catch a break.

    Personally Im stoked for it... Makes me want to actually play FFX|V, still on the fence, I enjoyed the free time at launch (when I actually got to play) and the gameplay and graphics was awesome, I just got tired of the seeming endless stream of map chat and whispers for RMT goldselling. It really left a bitter taste, I figured I'd give it a few months then try again since Square-Enix as assembled their version of the avengers to deal with this issue apparently. If anyone's got an update to how things are going lemme know.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Yea the RMTs are pretty bad. I generally don't look at my chat box anymore. Other than that I really enjoy the game so it's not a huge set back to me.

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