Capcom Korea Hiring for Monster Hunter-related Positions

Capcom Korea is hiring. Another Monster Hunter MMO, or localization team for MHOL?

Tencent's Monster Hunter Online (MHOL) may not be the only new MMO to grace the series. Capcom Korea looks to be hiring developers for an undisclosed title Monster Hunter title.

MMO Culture reports Capcom Korea has posted some ads for positions within the company, one of which requiring extensive experience with the Monster Hunter series.

Further listings seek experience in commercial game engines, server structures, and C/C++.

This find is a surprise for two reasons:

  1. Monster Hunter Frontier was a flop in Korea.
  2. Tencent (in conjunction with Capcom) are developing MHOL in China.

With MHOL edging closer to open beta in China and Frontier still trudging along in Taiwan and Japan, will a time come when there are three separate Monster Hunter MMOs stretched across Asia?

It may be more likely Tencent's game and the one Capcom Korea are hiring for are one in the same. Localization changes between China and Korea (and vice versa) can at times be more extensive than in other territories. That fact in itself would require Capcom's Korean branch bring in new hires to localize and maintain the game.

It would not make sense to have two new MMO titles in the same franchise. Furthermore, releases between China and Korea often have the shortest time gap of all territories. For now, who knows! Whatever it is will be better than Monster Hunter Frontier, guaranteed.

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Published Jan. 22nd 2014

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