Teppen Nergigante Deck Guide: Decklist and Strategy

Learn how to pilot one of the strongest and most difficult decks in Teppen, the Nergigante deck.

Monster Hunter's Nergigante is notoriously one of the best heroes to play in Teppen, the latest real-time CCG from Capcom, but it is also one of the hardest heroes to make use of.

Just like every other hero in the game Nergigante has three abilities. The life drain deck presented in this guide synergizes especially well with his second ability Spike Launch, which splits damage equal to sacrificed life points to all enemy units.

This means that the deck utilizes a lot of action and unit cards that have a Sacrifice keyword in them. If you want to know how to play this deck effectively, then follow our guide below.

The Decklist

Cards Quantity
Selfish Predation x2
Gathering Effluvium
Murderous Spikes
Nelo Angelo
Zombie x3
Cerberus x3
Summon Minions
Great Girros
Arkham x3
Lord Raptor
T-002 Tyrant
Just Deserts
Silent Execution


The Strategy

This Nergigante deck contains a decent number of both action and unit cards that support the sacrifice mechanic of the Spike Launch ability, and some removal cards that are simply necessary to survive the battle and destroy the biggest enemy units when they come into play.

Synergy Cards

The three most important cards in the deck are Gathering Effluvium, Murderous Spikes, and Nelo Angelo.

Gathering Effluvium is an action card that destroys an enemy unit that costs 3MP or less, but at the same time it sacrifices two life points. This is the point when your Spike Launch comes into play and distributes those two sacrificed life points as damage points to random enemy units.

Murderous Spikes is another action card. It is very similar to Gathering Effluvium, but instead it targets enemy units with two attack or less. Its sacrifice cost is three life points.

Nelo Angelo is a unit card that costs 3MP and has 3/5 stats. Such a good deal will cost you three life points, but in this case those three life points will turn into additional damage.

The question is: How do you survive, if you will constantly sacrifice your own life for the sake of more damage?

The answer is the Selfish Predation, an action card that restores seven life points to your hero. But you need to destroy another unit in addition to its mana cost of 1MP.

Unit Cards

In order to make Selfish Predation more useful, you need to play unit cards that can return after being destroyed. You can do this with the help of the Revenge mechanic, thus it being a boon they are destroyed.

Cards like Zombie, Cerberus, and T-002 Tyrant return to your hand with special buffs. This means that you can use Selfish Predation on any of them, restore your health and get better versions of those units back into the battle.

Action Cards

Lastly, you need some support cards that can quickly destroy enemy units. Just Deserts and Silent Execution are straightforward removal cards that can help you out in dire situations.

In all other cases you can use your Spike Launch ability to maximize your damage, and then use Selfish Predation on your Revenge units in order to restore health.

This Nergigante deck works like a well-oiled machine, and you should be ranking up with it in no time. I'm working on some other deck guides, so keep your eyes peeled for more Teppen deck guides here on GameSkinny.


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Published Jul. 16th 2019

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