Gift Guide: White Elephant/Secret Santa Gifts Under $10

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Skylanders Trap Master Headrush

Rating: 4.5/5 (1,206 reviews)

Price: $7.50

Buy it on: Amazon

You can find pretty much any recent, normal-sized Skylander for less than $10 these days. In fact, if it's a common one, you can even find much older Skylanders for as little as $2.

"But this one isn't normal-sized," you say? That's because depending on the rarity, you find the "special" characters (like Trap Masters and Giants) for cheap as well. Headrush here is a favorite, but go hunting! You never know who you might find hiding in the dark reaches of Amazon.

Your Secret Santa might not get the Skylander Sensei they've been eyeing for Imaginators, but oldies can still be goodies.

Published Nov. 14th 2016

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