Street Fighter V story details revealed by Capcom Producer

An associate producer at Capcom revealed some info about the story for Street Fighter V, including "character stories" and a free "cinematic story expansion."

A post on the PlayStation Blog earlier today revealed some story details for Street Fighter V, including the way it will be divided up between "character stories" and a "cinematic story expansion" which will be available as a free update in June.

Peter Rosas, the Associate Producer at Capcom who wrote the post, explained that the "character stories" were meant to introduce new players to the characters' personalities and relationships to each other. As for what each story will specifically address, Rosas went on to say:

What answers does Ryu seek in his never-ending journey? What happened to Charlie Nash after his apparent demise in Street Fighter Alpha? Who is Necalli and what does he want? Play the Character Stories to find out all these answers and more!

Additionally, each story will be illustrated by the Japanese illustrator Bengus, whose "colorful, throwback style fits perfectly with the background tales we want to tell about each character."

The "story expansion," on the other hand, will be "a cinematic story experience that takes players deep into the Street Fighter action and mythology through beautifully rendered cutscenes." In the Street Fighter timeline, the expansion's story will take place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, and primarily focus on M. Bison and Shadaloo.

That was the extent of what Rosas revealed about the expansion's story, though he promised that more details will be released in the months leading up to the expansion's free release sometime in June 2016.

Rosas added details about a "final beta" as well, which will take place between January 30 at 12:01 AM PST and January 31 at 7:00 PM PST. Fans who pre-order Street Fighter V will have access to the beta and receive exclusive costumes for the game.

Street Fighter V will be released February 16.

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Published Jan. 25th 2016

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