Sony Reveals PS4 20th Anniversary Edition Console

Sony announces the all new PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition, which has the console and peripherals in the grey color scheme of the original PlayStation.

Sony celebrates the PlayStation's 20th birthday by revealing a special edition of the PS4.

The PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition features the original grey color of the first PlayStation. PS4 will have its standard build and same DualShock 4 controller, of course, but a closer look at the console reveals the original PS logo and special etchings of the various PlayStation logos on the body of the unit.

Looking at the controller, it will not only have the original grey color, but the four different colors of the buttons (green triangle, red circle, blue X, purple square) are on there along with the PS button containing the original PS logo. Its touchscreen also contains the same etchings that can be found on the unit.

The PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition will also come with the camera that has a PS logo on the side and a special vertical stand. Of course, both of those items are in the original grey color. A closer look at all the items can be seen in the unboxing video above.

Price and availability

So, when and where is this thing going to be available? Well, it's a limited release item -- very limited. Only 12,300 units will be sold GLOBALLY. Preorders will begin on Saturday, December 6th, but Sony will have a keynote at 2:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific time that day which will have more information.

A price was not listed on the PlayStation Blog's US post, but over on the EU article it says the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition will be 499 Euro. That likely means the unit will also be $499. It may seen unreasonable considering the holiday bundles and including a camera that will barely be used, but the value of the console will be far higher once it's released.

What are your thoughts of the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition?

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Published Dec. 3rd 2014
  • Benjamski
    I really want one of these. Well since I already have a PS4 I guess I just want the gray controller, but that's some nostalgia gaming that I can actually appreciate.

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