The Evolution in Mobile Games: What is going to Happen Next?

Evolution in Mobile Games

It is not illogical to believe that every storming and phenomenal trend remains in-the-making for some time before it lands as thunder. In the mobile gaming world, such phenomenon is not rare. The phenomenal success of augmented reality games like Pokemon Go is the recent example. Now, it is time to ask what’s next?

Can mobile game developers expect another phenomenal game of that sort in the coming months? Or, can we name some prominent trends that are going to play a decisive role in mobile gaming? Let us go with our enquiry and try to find out the possibilities and trends that are already in the making in mobile games.


Mobile games not necessarily have to be bigger. Mobile games not necessarily have to grab separate apps. One can have frequent mobile gaming experience just across every web interface. Social gaming is already there with an array of game apps allowing gaming with social contacts. Now, little microgames are being pushed across other websites as well. Just think of playing a funny game to browse products in an online store. Yes, this incorporation of the game like experience in any interface will rise as a new trend. Utilising small games and a game like interfaces across diverse apps and web interfaces has its own set of advantages. Let us see what Microgaming can do.

  • It fuses gaming experience into almost anything and thus can be more engaging.
  • It brings a sense of fun in otherwise boring interactions.
  • It boosts the overall user experience and helps to convert more business.
  • With small, engaging games users end up spending more time.
  • On the go, easy to play and quick to finish small games also establishes a better bond and brand connection.
  • The Microgaming in future can give birth to game apps that offer a variety of such small and quick to play games.

Gamers preferring video ads even more

From the TV commercials to the distracting banner ads to the more recent video ads across the web and mobile apps, people detest ads and commercials. But what happens when gamers no longer mind seeing video ads and even prefer such ads. Yes, this is what is expected to occur in the coming time. As per a recent survey by a vast majority of game players actually prefer watching adverts while playing their games. Let's have a look at a few statistics on how how adverts are preferred.

  • As per the survey, more than 90% of gamers openly say that they enjoy watching real gameplay in video ads.
  • Another 89.9% of gamers would like to watch a video ad if it grabs attention with interesting gameplay. In this respect, it is to be noted that the first few seconds of the game video ads hold the key to ensuring traction and engagement.
  • According to the same study, 63.9% of gamers actually feel nothing unique and different to mobile game video ads.
  • Just 20.4% of game players dislike video ads and prefer to skip them altogether. skipping them when they could.
  • The same review also indicated that most gamers when coming across a game video ad end up going to the respective app store and read the reviews.

Virtual reality headsets pushing the game horizon

In recent times Virtual Reality became more popular and widespread than ever before. While an overwhelming range of mobile games is adopting virtual reality, an increasing number of high-quality VR headsets are becoming popular. In all regards, VR games became more mainstream now. No longer has the VR hardware stood as expensive as earlier times and this is posing new opportunities for mobile virtual reality games as well.

Almost all the major virtual reality companies have launched their VR headsets and gaming platforms while an increasing number of brands are going to launch their own VR hardware. Apart from the old VR players like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive almost all the main tech brands are coming with their VR device. Google, Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, IBM, Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, Nokia, are few of the famous brands having extensive plan to come with their VR platform or hardware.

With VR becoming increasingly mainstream and regular with more companies coming with their VR hardware and platforms, mobile VR games will also get the push. Virtual reality mobile games thanks to these affordable VR headsets and hardware will become more playable while remaining quintessentially mobile games. Playing VR games across several devices and headsets will become a dominant trend.

Mobile esport tournament taking over

Mobile games made after the traditional sports and real life games like football, volleyball, athletics, archery, are increasingly becoming popular and often gamers feel them more enticing. Dubbed widely as esports these mobile games are increasingly getting popular these days. Many such games are now offering tournaments to give players a true to life competitive feel of their games. In the time to come, such games can only escalate in number and across more niches. We can see an increasing number of esport game tournaments being organized just as an online event and getting huge engagement from gamers. Let us figure out some of the possibilities in this respect.

  • Similar esport apps can collaborate to offer tournament and game event among players of the respective esport.
  • Esport tournaments and game events will open new possibilities for acquisition, game marketing and getting commercial ads for better ROI.
  • This will also help to a partner of many mobile games to push their business objectives and revenue.
  • Esport tournament video will open new possibilities for game video marketing.

While some of the trends mentioned above have already been there and are only expected to grow, trends like esports tournament is an unrealized possibility for most mobile game apps. But as mobile game space is getting competitive, in the time to come we can expect more such trends to open up.

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Published May. 4th 2017

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