Player petition to bring UFC 2 to PC reaches 4,000 signatures

EA's UFC 2, which was released on PS4 and XBox One, has over 4,000 PC fans hoping for the chance to play the game

EA Sports' UFC 2, which was released on March 15th of this year for PS4 and Xbox One, is yet to have a PC version. The previous installment of the game, which did not fare very well, also lacked a PC release, despite having both an iOS and Android version. 

UFC 2 seems to be a big step up from its predecessor, however. The game looks and feels much more realistic, houses a larger number of fighters, and provides for many different fighting styles. The combination of striking and ground game seen within the game, is also a step up from all previous martial art games on the market.

This is likely why PC gamers are hoping for a PC release, or at the very least a PC port. John Smith has created a petition on for this very purpose, and has reached 4,100 signatures at the time of writing.  

"We would like EA UFC 2 to come to PC. There is an underserved market here. We like MMA. We like video games. If you make it, we will buy EA UFC 2 for PC."

--Petition for PC port of UFC 2

He goes on to state that simply being able to play on 1080p resolutions with 60 FPS would be enough, so long as the players gain access to the actual game.

With EA developers often only looking at their own forums for fan feedback, it is uncertain how effective this petition can become. However, if you are also interested in a PC release for UFC 2, you should probably sign the petition here. Or for more information on the game, check out the official UFC 2 page.

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Published Mar. 21st 2016

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