Rocket League: You get v1.04 now, but DLC later

New Rocket League patch releases too early, causing the patch-added DLC to leave errors on PS4 users who try to purchase it.

If you've played Rocket League on your PlayStation 4 recently, you may have noticed the early release of the newest patch: v1.04. Since then many have made the attempt to purchase the new DLC available, to no avail. The Rocket League team recommends that players using the PS4 refrain from trying to purchase DLC until after August 13th.

Originally, the 1.04 Patch was set to release at a later date, but was instead released as a surprise on August 11. Since then, many have flocked to the new update, which makes the DLC visibile for the user. However, fans that don't exclusively follow the Rocket League Twitter wouldn't know that although the DLC was available to view, complete with buy button, it wasn't actually available to purchase because of the special release scheduling causing several PS4 errors for the community.

For those who have found themselve swith the blank screen error after attempting to purchase this DLC, the solution is simple: close out the game and restart your PS4. After the DLC is officially released and available for purchase on August 13, this error will no longer appear.

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Published Aug. 11th 2015

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