Activision Responds to Cancelled Destiny Pre-Orders

Some gamers were forced to downgrade their ghost edition copies of Destiny, and Activision gave an answer why.

Gamers who pre-ordered a limited edition version of Destiny now have an answer as to why their games were cancelled by Walmart.

"The incredible demand for Ghost Edition has exceeded even our high expectations,” Vice president of Destiny product management Byron Beede said. "We made as many as we could, and in collaboration with Bungie, we always wanted it to remain truly limited.”

Destiny, considered one of the most anticipated games of 2014, had two editions of the game available for retail in addition to a regular copy.  The Ghost Edition included a replica ghost character, Limited Edition game disk and steel case, guardian folio, field guard, relics, postcards, star chart, exclusive player emblem, and exclusive ship skin.

Those who were suggested to downgrade will no longer receive the ghost replica, relics, and letter of introduction, as they are not included in the less rare limited edition.  Other retailers have sold out of rare Destiny game editions, but it is unknown if stores will join Walmart in not fulfilling ghost edition orders.

Destiny will be released on Sept 9 on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

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Published Jul. 25th 2014

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