Nintendo Opens Up Special E3 Community

Nintendo opened special Miiverse communities for E3 2016.

Nintendo just opened dedicated communities in Miiverse to allow special places for fans to discuss all of the latest E3 news. They announced this both on Twitter and their official website. 

Nintendo said these communities can be found in the "special" section of Miiverse.

The first community, called [email protected] 2016 Community, is where fans are able to voice their opinions on Nintendo's E3 announcements as well as discuss the announcements with fellow community members and post drawings.  

The second community, Game News, Videos, and Events Community, acts as a source of information for all Nintendo news coming out of E3. Here fans are not able to post, but only comment on all updates coming from official Nintendo representatives. 

Nintendo said these communities will only be open for a limited time, and will announce soon when they will close. In addition to these communities, Nintendo is also holding more special events leading up to E3 2016.

(Images courtesy of Nintendo)

Published Jun. 18th 2020

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