Firefly's First Mobile Game, Wonky Tower, Available Now

The building material you are given are wooden crates, steel girders, frying pans, marshmallows and much more.

Firefly has been a successful PC development company for 17 years and sees the potential in the mobile gaming world -- even if the team doesn't know much about that side of things. So they are starting out with an indie mobile game called Wonky Tower. 

Wonky Tower is a physics-based puzzle platform game that hopes to be the basis of Firefly's development integration into mobile gaming.

As you can see in the trailer above, you will be building bridge-like objects to get through levels in Wonky Tower. The building material may be include any number of interesting mediums, such as wooden crates and steel girders, or frying pans and marshmallows. Pogo the monkey uses these materials and his intellect to get over molten lava and icy tundras for some bananas. Then he uses the bananas to unlock tier-building materials that allow him (and you) to craft larger towers.

Be ready to jump and glide through obstacles to get to the next level, while Firefly continues to work on familiarizing itself with the mobile world and building new games for you to play later in this year.

You can download Wonky Tower at the Apple Store or Google Play.


Published Jul. 18th 2016

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