10 Cute Pokemon Usually Not Included in Cute Lists

Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder? These Pokemon are cute, but not THE cutest (according to lists.)

Whenever the words "Most Cutest Pokemon" come up, what normally springs to your mind? Pikachu? Eevee? Victini? All the Eeveelutions?

Well what about the less loved but equally cute Pokemon in the (game) world? They deserve some recognition too! So I set out on a mission to collect 10 different Pokemon from various generations that need to take a step into the spotlight. After looking through countless cute lists, I used my Pokemon expertise to round up a few that I felt were rarely or completely omitted altogether. Then by process of elimination (i.e, using this user-ranked Top 10+ list) I chose the ones ranked below #100 (who knew Chikorita was actually ranked #18?) thus finally, settling on my final 10.

So in order of their Pokedex entries, let us get started...

Sandshrew (Generation I) - #218

Ranked #218 on the site, this adorable little digger has never been anything special as it's appearance was outshone by Pikachu and it's type out-bested by others in speed and defence. Thankfully in the new Pokemon Sun & Moon, it has been revealed that Sandshrew is getting an Alolan form so let's hope the little guy will finally get the popularity it deserves.

Wooper (Generation II) - #102

Wooper isn't a Pokemon that is often remembered. Being an (armless) representation of an axolotl, Mudkip definitely takes the medal for that, leaving this poor thing forgotten and lonely. However it usually is seen on the internet being used on memes and other thing with its goofy little face, so being ranked #102 is not bad, especially since he makes up for it by evolving into a powerful Pokemon.

Spoink (Generation III) - #137

Spoink. Even it's name is cute and really just... describes this Pokemon well. Spoink's design is really unique, being a pig that bounces on its tail(?) like coils. It's also known for it's depressing pokedex description that it's heart will stop if it doesn't keep on bouncing. A sad life for a cute Pokemon that's only ranked #132 on the list. I personally love it, at least until it evolves to Grumpig -- but hey, at least it doesn't need to bounce 24/7 to survive anymore.

Spheal (Generation III) - #100

Spheal, the little roly poly seal version of... Seel. I instantly fell in love with this little thing when I encountered it in the Shoal Caves in Pokemon Sapphire & Ruby. It has all the qualities of a "cute" Pokemon: big beady eyes, goofy green and super huggable-looking. Spheal wasn't originally going to be in the list, but shockingly, it is only ranked #100 meaning there are 99 other Pokemon that will usually beat him and make it on Top 10 lists. Being personally one of my favourite cute Pokemon, I demand more love for Spheal!

Buizel (Generation IV) - #120

It is a sea otter with a lifebuoy around its neck. A sea creature, that can swim, is wearing a device that helps you swim. What?! And it evolves into Floatzel -- and abandons the lifebuoy for a life vest instead. WHAT?! How adorable is that? Buizel is usually one of the first wild water Pokemon that the player encounters on their travels and often makes a strong and durable companion if needed. So why is it only ranked #120 when it is one of the most unique (fashion-wise) and ironic Pokemon there is?

Stunky (Generation IV) - #301

Stunky was the last Pokemon I decided to add onto the list, because, like many people, I also forgot all about him! Makes sense because he usually appears mid-game and with a 4x weakness to fighting type moves, it's understandable why the little dude often fails to make it to the team. But looking at its design, it is pretty adorable with its big butt-like cheeks and with the large number of mouse/dog/cat-looking Pokemon, having a skunk creature is pretty unique. Definitely doesn't deserve its #301 rank!

Sewaddle (Generation V) - #237

I am not even sure what kind of bug Sewaddle is supposed to be, but its face resembles an adorable baby chick with fangs to me, with a leafy collar around its neck giving it a sort of dracula vibe. Well I'm sold, but Sewaddle is only ranked #237 -- probably because it is one of the starter bug-types you encounter in Pokemon Black & White, which are often forgotten or stored in the PC early in game once it evolves. It's okay Sewaddle, at least you made it in this list!

Litleo (Generation VI) - #127

Litleo was one of the first Pokemon to be revealed when Pokemon Black & White was still being announced -- and many people loved it. It evolves in two different forms of Pyroar depending on it's gender and really represented the lion family in Pokemon. So why is it only ranked #127? I have been wracking my brain and the only conclusion that I can come to is that... there were too many great Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y. Despite it's potential, the little lion-cub was unable to capture the heart of many trainers long enough to become memorable. Its design definitely is unique and looks like it should be apart of its own Lion King rendition.

Swirlix (Generation VI) - #294

Going back to cute qualities, Swirlix has cute beady eyes, a dopey face and a huggable physique. But the best part is... It is known as the "Cotton Candy Pokemon." COTTON CANDY. Can this sweet puffball get any more 'sweet'? It is the epitome of a Fairy type Pokemon. Yet it is only, again shockingly, ranked #294. I think Pokemon fans have a prejudice against Pokemon made out of food and the hate needs to stop! (But wait, does that mean they eat Swirlix in the Pokemon Universe?! That's too traumatising to think about...)

Pumpkaboo (Generation VI) - #291

Pumpakaboo, the first (and probably, only) Halloween themed Pokemon to be created. I didn't find anything particular cute about Pumpkaboo at first... UNTIL I noticed its adorable face on the brown top half of its body. What first looked like a pumpkin with a witch's hat, now resembles a fluffy black cat stuffed in... Mickey Mouse pants? Point is, it is adorable and yet again, ranked disappointingly low at #291. Well hopefully it gets more love and is remembered every Halloween. And speaking of which, there should be more seasonal themed Pokemon (anyone still remember Delibird?)

Hopefully bringing these Pokemon into the spotlight will help them gain more love for them and bring more attention to the unloved cute Pokemon that exist and for the many to come.

Do you have a favourite Pokemon that deserves more love?


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Published Nov. 3rd 2016

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