When Bioware Finally Went Right

SWTOR's new achievement system and Macrobinocular/Seeker Droid missions are a great way to keep non-hardcore completionists in the game and break up the monotony of combat.

As a gamer, I love it when my games have reasons to revisit old planets, and also as a completionist, I love it when they add little things that give small rewards that I can proudly display. That is why Patch 2.0/ROTHC has me thoroughly hooked.

It lets me go back to old planets and get achievements for killing a lot of enemy mobs, and even more for killing specific mobs. That doesn't even begin to encompass all of the achievements I already got at launch for spending the time to find all of the codex entries and datacrons on my Bounty Hunter.

As someone who enjoys helping out others (during the Chevin event, I spent over 3 hours organizing the Grathan room so that everybody wasn't fighting for it. I sat there and assigned a clicker who then followed my instructions to solve the puzzle so that 4 people at a time could get it.) I love this because it lets me have a reason to upload videos with locations of great farming spots and champion mobs.

Since I am not a high-end raider, PvPer, or crafter having the most AP in the guild and the most complete codex are the titles that I like to go for. On another note, while Bioware has already done a nice job of hiding the grind with their awesome storytelling, the new Macrobinocular and Seeker Droid help break up the combat focused gameplay which I find refreshing. Now if you'll excuse me, I have achievements to get.


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Published May. 1st 2013

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