10 Rules of Gaming on Someone Elses System: How Naughty Dog Saved a Life

What rules do you have when someone borrows your video games?

What rules do you have when someone borrows your video games?
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During my birthday weekend not too long ago, I borrowed a copy of Uncharted 4. I played through a fair amount of the game, and thought I could finish it all in one night before making a a big trip to Los Angeles. But the cake was a lie, and I wasn’t able to. 

While I was away, a friend asked if he could play the game. A harmless enough request. But what I didn’t know that he quite literally meant my game. That’s right — he broke a cardinal rule of video game etiquette. That’s how I found out that Naughty Dog has some pretty sweet saving mechanisms, but that only makes it so much better. 

Given this upset, I think it’s time I talk about the importance of video game etiquette and the art of playing on someone else’s system.

Rule 1: Don’t Look

You should ask for permission before even glancing at someone’s system (in this case let’s use the PS4). Might sound a little crazy, but it’s the only way to be really safe.

Rule 2: Cleanliness is next to ultimate Gaming-ness:

Once permission is acquired to look at the PS4, please wash your hands so there are no crumbs on the controller. In fact, this one is so important that I’m going to add to it. 

Rule 2.5: Food is for the weak

No eating around my PS4. Yes, it’s ok for me to do it, but that’s because I paid for it.

Rule 3: There are power buttons for a reason

You betta have time for that! Turn my PS4 on and off, correctly! Don’t try anything you’ve read about on the Internet…just use the power button like a civilized person — please and thank you.

Rule 4: Put it in the hole

Hold all of my games through the hole in the middle. Yes, I understand Blu-Ray has less chance of scratching but there is still a chance. And that’s not a chance that I want to take — or that I want you taking for me. 

Rule 5: Be yourself

Once a disk is inserted, please click on the Guest profile — or your own if you’re lucky enough to have one on my system. Whatever you do, just don’t perpetrate me. Imitation is NOT the highest form of flattery in this case. 


Gaming isn’t for you if you don’t know this rule. One does not simply mess with another gamer’s save file. Check and make sure you’ve saved in a new slot. Then check again. And when you’re sure that it’s a new slot, check one more time. Seriously.

Save in a new slot you spawn of Satan!

Don’t be an inconsiderate gamer. Follow these rules, or you might put someone else in this awful situation….

When I returned from LA, I was itching to finish Uncharted 4. I remembered that I was on Chapter 9, looking for some treasure on an island after having figured out a puzzle.


I loaded up the game, and as the loading screen turned black it brought up…Young Drake? I knew it wasn’t right. Then it slowly hit me. I was in the orphanage. FROM CHAPTER 1.

You read it right — my friend had saved over my game! I have never in all my years of gaming done something like that! Why in the Marco Polo would you not check if you saved in a new slot? I frantically searched for another saved game slot like it will magically appear, but I knew there was no changing the truth. I’m thinking:

Come on Uncharted, don’t do this to me! Drake! You was my baby! My cinnamon apple!” 

I was so devastated. In a last ditch effort, I went to the Chapters menu. And this is what I saw:

Uncharted had my progress saved regardless of human error. I’m positive my friend owes Naughty Dog a thank you letter, because their save mechanic saved two lives that day!

 But not every incident turns out this well. So make sure you’re following the unwritten rules of gaming so you don’t risk your friendships — or death by controller cord.

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