These 5 characters would make great additions in future Street Fighter V DLC.

5 Characters That Would Be Awesome To See In Street Fighter V

These 5 characters would make great additions in future Street Fighter V DLC.

Street Fighter V is slowly bouncing back from its less than stellar release. With the recent addition of a full-length story mode titled "A Shadow Falls", and Evo 2016 being such a success, Street Fighter V (SFV) has been getting some much-needed attention lately.

While SFV's next few DLC characters have already had footage released of them, the next batch of downloadable fighters still remains a mystery. Here are a few characters that would be nice to see in the latest iteration of the legendary fighting game series.

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1. Oro

Oro made his only appearance in Street Fighter IIIand he wasn't the most popular character to ever make a new appearance in the series. Oro is a man of Japanese descent who discovered the secret to immortality and has devoted his life to passing on his powerful fighting techniques to someone who is worthy.

Oro lives in a cave deep in the Amazon and magically sealed his right arm to his back in order to make fighting him easier on his opponents.

There is a definite lack of old-man/master type characters in Street Fighter V. In Street Fighter IV we had Gen and Gouken, but SFV seems to be lacking when it comes to senior citizens. In addition to adding some elderly wisdom, Oro's background is awesome, and he's an endearingly wacky character in an already strange cast.

2. Sodom

Sodom was first introduced in the Final Fight games as a sub-boss. He eventually was transitioned into the Street Fighter Alpha series, where Sodom became one of the only characters in a Street Fighter game to use weapons with his jitte.

Sodom is an American who is obsessed with Japanese culture. His costume, which is a mix between traditional samurai armor and American blue jeans is a good representation of how he blends the two cultures together.

3. Cody

Cody was my favorite character in Street Fighter IV, so it was a little sad to hear that everyone's favorite jailbird wouldn't be making his way to SFV. Cody first appeared in the Final Fight series alongside Guy and Mike Haggar as one of the game's three protagonists. 

He's mostly known for fighting in his prison uniform during his Street Fighter days. Cody uses tornadoes as part of his moveset, and can pick up his trusty prison shank if he ever feels like it. Cody's carefree attitude and rush down gameplay are his trademarks, and I'm sure there are other Street Fighter fans who want him back too. 

4. Akuma

Akuma has been a principle character in Street Fighter since Street Fighter II. He is the brother of Ken and Ryu's master Gouken, and has traded his humanity for increased strength.

Akuma is interesting -- because while he may have all the looks of a villain, he isn't really that evil in the sense that we're used to. Sure he tries to corrupt Ryu and make him give into his darker side, but everyone has a bad side to them, and he seems more like a realist than a bad guy.

All in all, Akuma is extremely popular, and will probably be making his way into Street Fighter V sometime soon.

5. C. Viper

C. Viper is Street Fighter's resident soccer mom/secret agent. Viper was a very popular character in SFIV because of her high burst damage and overwhelming mobility. She also brought a cool mechanic called super-jump cancelling into the game, which hadn't really been included in previous iterations of Street Fighter.

Viper seems as if she would translate well into Street Fighter V, and has already shown that she can be ported to other fighting games based off of her appearance in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. While it is probably unlikely that she'll show up in V, as she was already re-hashed for another Capcom game, it would be cool to see her dishing out some electric knuckle infused pain on next gen consoles.

Street Fighter V's cast on release brought a good amount of new faces like Laura and Necali that have mixed well with Ryu and the rest of the old guard. Over the next year, SFV will get another wave of DLC characters to follow up the first wave of Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Urien, and Juri. 

Capcom has a pretty good history of listening to their fans in regards to character and content addition. It wouldn't be that surprising if SFV saw the return of fan favorites like Akuma and Sagat, and hopefully, some innovative new character designs.   

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