5 reasons Slither.io is going to be better than and outlast Agar.io

Agar.io's good and all, but Slither.io is and is going to be better.

Agar.io's good and all, but Slither.io is and is going to be better.

I was once a huge Agar.io fan, believe you me. From the first week the game was up until just a couple months ago, I played Agar.io a couple hours a week. It’s fun, it’s easy to pick up, it’s unique… and Slither.io is going to demolish it.

Slither.io, as you probably know, is the latest massive multiplayer PvP game on an .io domain that lets plays take control of a slithery snake. A modern multiplayer take on the classic game Snake, Slither.io is fast and cutthroat as players need to protect their faces while trying to get other snakes to run into their bodies.

The game has garnered leagues more fans than Agar.io did in such a short time, and for good reason. Not only does it look better but the gameplay itself is more dynamic. Slither.io is more than giving Agar.io a run for its money, and here’s why.

5. Slither.io is a faster game

You can’t deny it: You definitely move faster in Slither.io than Agar.io. Not only do you move faster as a snake than you do as a cell, there’s more strategy to your movement.

While you certainly have to plan where your cells are when you split up in Agar.io (and generally try to cluster them together for safety), when to try to split others with viruses, and when to split to try to eat other cells; you don’t have the type of action you get in Slither.io.

In Slither.io you have to plan how you want to contort your body, whether for safety or offense. You have to put yourself out there (hopefully safely) to get particles. Not only that, but you have to learn to manipulate other players and learn to maneuver at high speeds when boosting. It’s simply faster paced and more complex.

4. It looks better than Agar.io

Look, let’s get this out of the way: Agar.io looks awful. But its simple looks work for it, and honestly that isn’t a complaint.

It just works.

Slither.io does look better, and that much is hard to deny. The snakes’ segments look nice in motion, the glowing particles are more than welcoming, and the backdrop is just more pleasing overall.

Slither.io players may suffer a bit of graphical lag for now since the game isn’t very well optimized, but Agar.io used to run terribly on terrible computers and mobile devices, too. Slither.io will eventually run much better than it does today.

3. The developers are more open

The Agar.io developer has never been much for communicating with the community, especially after Miniclip got involved. Much to the surprise of no one.

Though time will tell if the Slither.io developers decide to sell the game to a big publisher, for the time being they keep players updated using their blog. Recently they have even announced the mobile version will be getting an offline mode, among other additions.

The developers’ communication is a huge plus and keeps players in the know. This alone gives me high hopes for the future of Slither.io.

2. Slither.io is more dynamic

How is this a plus? Well, how many times have you played Agar.io, seen the biggest players on the map, and said “Screw this, I’m out”?

It takes a lot to take down huge cells in Agar.io. Your only real options are to either try to split them with a virus or to wait for them to split too many times — and good players aren’t going to be doing that often.

Slither.io is more dynamic in that even the biggest snakes can be taken down by any other size snake. Tiny snakes, as any player knows, are the biggest threat to literally anyone. 

Whether from lag, skill, or luck any player can turn the tables on a map’s biggest snakes. The fact anyone is fair game at all times is what makes Slither.io exciting. 

1. The game is so new there’s no way it’s not going to grow into something special

Let’s be real for a second and ask ourselves a question: “Was Agar.io as good as Slither.io is when it was less than a month old?”

I don’t know if you played it back then, but I did. And the answer is a really hard “No.”

Agar.io was plagued with the same types of lag issues Slither.io is right now, both graphical and server-side. The only real skins for ages were memes and country names, there were no additional modes, and the game didn’t get most of its issues ironed out until Miniclip stepped in.

Slither.io is still in its infancy and the game is already more fun and fast-paced than Agar.io has ever been or ever will be. With the developers promising updates with optimization and new content and the game already being a massive hit, the only way to go is up. And up it’s going to go, right past Agar.io and into something much better.

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