Everything you ever needed to know about the wonderful world of Pokémon

An introduction to Pokémon

Everything you ever needed to know about the wonderful world of Pokémon
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Since its release back in 1995; Pokémon has taken the world by storm. Pokémon, which is short for Pocket Monsters, is about the bond between creatures and the trainers that control them. From video games to toys, card games, competitive battles, a manga series and an animated series; people can find many ways to get their Pokémon fix. The accessibility that The Pokémon Company has created for every one is crucial. Its why we want to share our favorite Pokémon with one another. Its why we want to introduce others to the wonderful world of Pokémon. Here is a brief overview to all the basics of Pokémon you need to know.

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Created by Santoshi Tajiri, the idea of Pokémon came from the concept of bug catching. This makes up one half the the goal in almost every iteration of Pokémon.  Part 1 is to collect as many Pokémon as possible. Players can do that by catching Pokémon in the wild, via trading and through evolution of a particular species. Part 2 is to train the caught Pokémon though Pokémon battles. The higher the level of your Pokémon, the better your chances at beating other Pokémon trainers, Gym leaders and eventually the Pokémon League.

1 Million ways to have fun with Pokémon!

Currently there are 722 Pokémon. That is not including those being added in Pokémon Sun and Moon, the two upcoming Pokémon titles. With new Pokémon constantly being added, there is always something new to look forward to. There are many different ways to enjoy the Pokémon Franchise.

Pokémon battles

Pokémon trainers are those that raise and battle different Pokémon against one another. One of the basics of the game is to battle your Pokémon against NPC (non playable character) trainers to get strong. You can also battle against other Pokémon trainers for fun or competitively.

Competitive Pokémon battling is serious business. The most dedicated of trainers even consider stats known as Effort Values(EVs) and Individual Values(IVs). IVs are the values that Pokémon are born with. So once the Pokémon has those you can not change them. You can, however, breed Pokémon to increase your chances to get the perfect IV stats. EVs are obtained by defeating certain Pokémon. While this maybe a long and tedious process, having perfect IVs and the right EVs and could be the difference between victory or defeat. Especially in tournament play.

Collecting Pokémon

Collecting Pokémon can be a game within itself. There are 5 ways trainers can capture Pokémon and complete their Pokedex.

  1. Capturing wild Pokémon– Either by way of fishing, walking around in tall grass or being in the middle of a swarm; there are always wild Pokémon up for grabs. Trainers weaken the wild Pokémon by lowering its health in battle without beating it to make it easier to capture.
  2. Breeding Pokémon Trainers can visit the Pokémon daycare to drop off two compatible “parent Pokémon ”. These Pokémon will, after some time, create an egg that the player can hatch after a certain amount of time and gain a new Pokémon. The Pokémon that hatches will be of the same species as the mother. Some Pokémon even have a baby form that can only be obtained if two Pokémon breed.
  3. Evolution Pokémon can grow into different forms and become even stronger. This is called Evolution. In most cases they require that the Pokémon achieves a certain requirement and these requirements can vary widely. One pokemon in particular evolves when you flip your Nintendo DS upside down in Pokémon X & Y. Some other requirements are:
    • Achieving a certain level.
    • Trading with other trainers.
    • Happiness level.
    • Happiness level during the day or night or in a special place.
    • Exposure to evolution stones.
    • When a certain move is learned.
    • Leveling up in a certain place.
    • Leveling up while holding an item.
  4. Obtaining Pokémon through Special eventsSome Pokémon are only given out when there is a movie or a special online event. Trainers either have to go to the event to get the Pokémon or download it within a certain time frame. This promotes trading in the community as sometimes events will be specific to a region, whether online or in person.
  5. Trading–  Some Pokémon can’t even be obtained in a single game without trading with others. For example: In Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue you had to choose one of three Pokémon to start. The only way to get the other two was by trading with someone else.

If playing video games is not your style, a Pokémon anime exists that requires less knowledge than some of the games. The anime follows the adventures of a young man by the name of Ash Ketchum; it primarily follows his travels through the world of Pokémon with his friends. Ash is trying to become a Pokémon master and complete the Pokedex (An electronic encyclopedia of different Pokémon). The anime is perfect for little ones who are too young to play the games and perfect for working adults who do not have time to play Pokémon.


The Pokémon Manga is completely separate from the anime series. Unlike some anime that have an accompanying manga, Pokémon varies between comic and animation. Whereas you have Ash as the main character in the Anime, the manga, depending on the story line, will have multiple different main characters, usually named after the series they are following.  For example, the story line of Pokémon Gold & Silver Focuses on the Character Gold and his rival Silver.

Pokémon Merchandise

Each with their own look, Pokémon toys give children(and adults) something to look forward to when buying their favorite Pokémon merchandise. From Ditto themed Pokémon plushies to Pokémon Blankets there is a collectible for everyone. This way trainers have a little physical bit of the Pokémon universe right in their home.

So why do people love Pokémon so much

Pokemon is a growing and exciting franchise that people — children and adults alike — adore and play. Pokémon as whole is constantly changing and there is always something new to discover. It also helps that the learning curve for most Pokémon titles is not steep at all. Anyone can pick up any type of Pokémon game and not be lost. A lot of the aspects in Pokémon are also relate-able to real life, which helps the player connect to the game on a more personal level. With the recent release of Pokken Tournament and the soon to be released Pokémon Go, there will be even more ways to enjoy the franchise for new and old players alike. The fandom of Pokémon is strong and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Why do you love Pokémon? Feel like anything was left out? Leave your comments in the comment section below!

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