Battleborn Releases to Mixed Reception

Thoughts and information about the Battleborn release

Thoughts and information about the Battleborn release
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Battleborn was released on May 3rd of this year — and so far, the reactions have been mixed.

For those of you who haven’t heard about this gamelet’s get you up to speed.

“What’s at stake? The last star in existence. But who will save it? Just those who were literally born for battle — a group of 25 very different, very powerful heroes that are at your disposal. Play in story mode, co-op split screen, or battle it up in a 5v5 arena to level up, win characters, and unlock powers. ” – Hannah Noriega (GlitchChic – Battleborn Open Beta)

This game was released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Players that have tried it out have already begun posting their responses on the Twitter release page. These have been pretty evenly positive and negative, with most of the negative being comparisons to Overwatch and Borderlands — games with similar game play options. 




But what do you think? Try out the game and tell us right here on GameSkinny!


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