Up, up, and away we go. Creativerse released R33 and some sweet new features

Creativerse goes Pro…and they are killing it with the new features

Up, up, and away we go. Creativerse released R33 and some sweet new features

Playful Corp. released R33 for Creativerse this week and with it came the Pro version and the “Machines” update! The new Pro version is an optional purchase for players wanting to get a little more out of the game. It includes several exclusive improvements including a host of new world modifiers, double the stamina, extra inventory slots, and — my favorite — the glider!

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The new world modifiers allow you to customize your worlds with fun stuff like low gravity and a new sci-fi themed sky box. This felt fantastic to me since the world really does feel alien anyway. The two moons/planets hanging in the sky really give it that extra touch. The low gravity is a great addition, too. It makes climbing mountains much easier, and I can finally reach that not-so-low hanging fruit (A.K.A. beehives and flowers). Clearly, they know that being short sucks. 

The glider is just more fun than anyone should be allowed to have in a game. There is a boost mode that, if used properly, can carry you a pretty long distance. One fan has already managed to glide around the entire border of his world in one flight! It’s amazing and really lets you see the beauty of the world below. It’s also great for scouting resources and spots to build the perfect house.

On the downside of this, only Pro members will have access to the new features. Free-to-play players are receiving a bit of a downgrade. They will only be able to create one world and won’t have as many world modifiers to choose from.

On the upside, if you happened to have purchased the game before it went free-to-play, or if you ever purchased coins from their online store, you will be upgraded to Pro automatically. That is a nice touch from the developer and shows their dedication to the fans.

To take some of the sting out of the changes to the free-to-play model, Playful Corp. has also released a huge new update to Creativerse that is free for everyone. They call it the “Machines” update and it incorporates switches, wiring, and electricity.

One of the main complaints about the game was the lack of anything comparable to Minecraft’s redstone mechanics. This new release is the first big step toward rectifying that. 

I haven’t delved too deeply into the “Machines” update yet, but from what I can tell the mechanics of it are very simple and easy to understand. There are plenty of video tutorials available, so I won’t go into the instructions here. Suffice it to say that the changes add a new level of depth and possibility to the game. 

Creativerse is the next evolution of voxel building games and Playful Corp ups their game with each new update. The game is, ostensibly, still a work in progress, but you would never know it. It is so polished and well done it’s even hard to believe it came from a small indie studio.

There are a handful of games that have earned a permanent place on my hard drive. Creativerse is definitely on that list. Now if you will excuse me, I have places to fly and machines to build. To the Batglider! 

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