Everything you will no longer be able to experience in the second year of Destiny that year one players did.

Destiny: What you unlucky Year 2 players missed out on

Everything you will no longer be able to experience in the second year of Destiny that year one players did.

So the Taken King launches in just a couple of days, bringing about the end of an era of Destiny known as ‘Destiny Year 1′.

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As with any new expansion for almost any game out there, the promise of new content has enticed plenty of new players. 

So this list is made for you, dear newbies, who’re just starting their journey in Destiny. Here is what you smart unlucky folks missed out on by not being there for Year 1. 

Gjallarhorn or Kick

You guys missed experiencing that feeling of getting kicked from raid groups because you didn’t possess this ridiculously coveted Rocket Launcher. 

Now, some of you may ask, “How would I miss that feeling?” 

To be honest, I don’t know how to answer that. It’s such a unique feeling. You have to do the raid in order to have a 0.00001% chance of getting the Gyallarhorn.

But to do the raid you need to have it or you get looked down upon by your fireteam members.

Whatever, you missed out. This weapon is no longer as effective anymore, anyway.


Do you like Game of Thrones? Of course you do. 

You missed out on having your ghost speaking to you in Peter Dinklage’s (monotone) voice. 

You’ll never understand the feeling of wanting to bang your head on the wall joy when you hear Dinklebot disinterestedly announce he’s going to unlock some door or hack something while you begin fending off waves of enemies.

Or the fan favorite: ‘We’ve woken the hive!’

Purple Engrams giving you Blue Items

Alright, how could you not feel bad for not being there to experience this wonderful moment?

So you defeat a difficult boss, complete a heroic Strike, or get lucky in getting a purple engram from a chest or activity reward. This gives you the chance of rolling for a legendary or exotic item.

Now imagine you rolling this engram and getting an uncommon item instead.

I know, I know, you’d be waking up your neighbors with your strangled yells of agony joy as well. 

What can we say, you’ll only be getting legendary or exotic items from those now. They reward you for obtaining one now. 

You unlucky bunch.

The Story

“I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain.”

-Exo Stranger

Enough said.

Handcannon or bust (PvP) 

You know, there was a brief period in time when auto rifles were viable, so some of us who liked using those in the Crucible got to have fun with them. 

But along came the rise of Thorn, The Last Word and Hawkmoon. 

If you wished to participate in the Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris, you had have one of these bad boys or you’d be looking at the deafeat screen a lot.

Well, now you guys can play around with a wider range of weapons in the Crucible, unlike us Destiny veterans. 

You have more choices now.

You’re beginning to see just much you’ve missed out on, right?!

Upgrade Material Farming

You know how you can buy upgrade materials for most of your guns at the wee price of 10 Vanguard/Crucible marks? Well, back on our day, we had to zoom around the planets on our sparrows tracking down those items and collecting them. 

Yeah, we’ve probably sunk hours upon hours into trying to upgrade our guns to the max. 

I even know the exact spots where the materials farm now! Time wasted well spent.

But anyways, what’s done is done. You guys may have missed some of our best experiences Destiny Year 1 offered, but it’s time for you to get out there and make up your own! 

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