Fallout 4 is already my “Game of the year”

Some reasons why Fallout 4 has already earned the spot of my game of the year.

Some reasons why Fallout 4 has already earned the spot of my game of the year.

The year 2015 has been a great year for new games. Killing Floor 2, Hotline Miami 2, Rise of The Tomb Raider, and — the big one — Fallout 4 are just a few of the top games that have come out this year. So far, having only put about 25 hours into the game and only being at level 20, I’ve already decided that the game is amazing.

The amount of content in this game is mind blowing. There are numerous side quests with fascinating locations such as Vault 87, the Museum of Witchcraft and just the Commonwealth in general. The game also includes tons of great weapons and armor that can be made even cooler with modding. Having played as long as I have, I still haven’t even done anything related to the main quest because I have been focusing so much on side quests and building up my settlements.

Fallout 4 has a way of making me want to take time to explore everything around me and look for hidden goodies. The game not only plays well, it works well too. It seems like so many games that have been coming out are broken or full of game-breaking glitches. Yes, Fallout 4 has its share of glitches, but nothing that will completely ruin the game for an entire group of people, like what happened with PC users and Batman Arkham Knight.

The game has so much to offer players that we can play for hours and hours exploring and modding guns and armor without even working on quests. A game this size and with this much great content deserves all the praise that it has been getting. The game is fantastic and the game offers so much to players that it stands high above the other games that have come out so far. That’s why, unless I play a game that is like a gift from the gods, Fallout 4 has already won my vote for game of the year.

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