Must have Fallout 4 mods for PS4 and Xbox One.

Fallout 4 mods that must make it to PS4 and Xbox One

Must have Fallout 4 mods for PS4 and Xbox One.
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While official mod tools for Fallout 4 have not arrived yet, it has not stopped developers from altering the Commonwealth in their own unique ways. There are hundreds of Fallout 4 mods out there that change the game in a variety of ways.

In the olden days, these mods were restricted to PC players only. But Bethesda is making them available on console as well. The official Fallout 4 mods tool is due in April for PC, followed soon after by Xbox, then PS4. In honor of this, let's look at some of the unofficial PC mods that need to make it to PS4 and Xbox One. 

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NorthlandDiggers Crafting - Resources - Jobs

Now that you have a settlement going and the population growing, you need more jobs for the people. The NorthlandDiggers mod adds new jobs for settlers, such as butcher, tax collector, and even undertaker. Each has their own station, and after 24 hours some of the stations will have resources for you to take. Others will provide bonuses, such as the undertaker giving +30 happiness to the settlement. With not enough jobs to go around, this mod solves that problem and is a must for console.

Craftable Ammo

The Craftable Ammo mod allows you to craft a reloading bench (5 lead,5 gears,10 steel, and 10 wood) and craft ammo. This mod pulls from the Fallout: New Vegas style of crafting and is extremely useful. With this mod you are also able to take ballistic type ammunition and reclaim the parts to make more ammunition. It is a very simple (yet very effective) mod that Commonwealth residents of the Xbox One and PS4 community would enjoy.

True Storms: Wasteland Edition

True Storms was the #5 most downloaded mod for Skyrim and was updated with even more features for Fallout 4. You get more immersive weather events, updated particle effects, and new sounds. The video above shows the updated weather and gives you a feel of just what type of atmosphere True Storms brings to the game. This is one mod everyone should be able to enjoy regardless of the platform they're playing on.

Any Mod Any Weapon

Want to throw lock-on sights on your Fat Man? How about throwing the Junk Jet Electrification Module on a mini-gun? Any Mod Any Weapon lets you create whatever crazy weapon you can think of and unleash its destruction on anything that is dumb enough to stand in your way. This mod adds a bit more fun to the game by letting you be a mad scientist when it comes to creating weapons. Xbox One and PS4 users would love this, because who doesn't want to see what kind of weapon they can come up with?

Full Dialogue

In Fallout 3, you saw your character's full dialogue option during conversations. But in Fallout 4, they paraphrase your characters response. The Full Dialogue mod shows your character's full statement. and is something that should be in the game by default. This is an awesome mod and a must for the console version of Fallout 4.

Be The Dog

We all know the real hero of the game is Dogmeat. Be The Dog mod lets you play as man's best friend, a raider dog, or even a feral dog. You will have four attacks that include 2 basic bites, a jumping bite, and a running bite. This mod is too good to only allow PC players to have. While the other options are nice, Dogmeat is the choice here every time. 


With OCDecorator, you can finally put all of that junk laying around in its place. This mod allows you to put any lootable object as a static object and not worry about them being knocked over.  Xbox One and PS4 players alike can rejoice at the ability to set things up neatly. No more looking at all of that clutter being kicked around -- now you can put it in its proper place.

Buzz Lightyear Paladin Danse

The only thing this mod is missing is a voice pack that has Danse saying "to infinity and beyond." The Buzz Lightyear mod does exactly what it says and turns Paladin Danse into the loveable superhero. The only issue is you have to give Danse the armor and equip it on him. Whether you are a console player or a PC player, having Buzz Lightyear fight by your side is as epic as it gets.

What mods would you like to see make it to the PS4 and Xbox One? Let me know in the comments below.

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