As a combination of the old and the new, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a must play mobile JRPG.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the Best F2P Mobile Final Fantasy Game

As a combination of the old and the new, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a must play mobile JRPG.
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Free-to-play mobile games have become infamous for their excessive micro-transactions and un-intuitive mechanics that pester the player until they give up their wallet. Titles such as Clash of Clans use skinner box techniques to draw in players, and then create ridiculous wait times that can be decreased with micro transactions. While all free-to-play games tempt players into purchasing content, these aggressive paywalls turn of gamers completely from mobile games. Even a few Final Fantasy mobile games have been guilty of it. 

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But Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is different. It shows how free to play games can be fun to both the paying and non-paying customer. This F2P mobile game provides a Final Fantasy experience without being a derivative of the source material. Yes, there are places that can feel like a grind, but they feel fair due to the pricing model of the game.

So what else sets Brave Exvius above the rest?

While Final Fantasy Record Keeper also provides an entertaining free-to-play experience, it relies primarily on nostalgia to maintain its entertainment value. Brave Exvius gives new, interesting characters that invest players in a fun story. While both games have bite-sized encounters, Brave Exvius uses an overarching narrative to create progress. And unlike Record Keeper, it creates a nostalgic experience without using it as a crutch.

Outside of Square’s little bubble, Brave Exvius still stands out among the sea of titles competing for a player’s attention. Aesthetically, Brave Exvius uses Final Fantasy’s large library of assets to create detailed 2D artwork — so it looks polished and well-crafted in all fronts. While most mobile games skimp on major features to save money, Brave Exvius instead focuses on creating a simple yet engaging whole.

The only major fault of Brave Exvius is its requirement that the player always be always online. This is not only inconvenient, but can drain data from your cellular plan. It’s unacceptable to release any game, especially a mobile title, as an always-online experience.

But this is forgivable when the payment model is unobtrusive and focuses on extending playtime. While it may be annoying to wait before you can jump back in, it never gates the story behind a paywall.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a shining example of a fair free-to-play RPG. It shows how mobile games can truly engage players instead of being time sinks. And it’s the perfect bite-sized Final Fantasy experience for fans and newcomer alike.

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