If You’re an Elite Dangerous Fan, You Need to Try Conan Exiles

Why fan of space MMO such as Elite: Dangerous should even consider playing the role of Conan the Barbarian with the axe?

Could Elite: Dangerous fans ever really get into Conan Exiles? At the first glance, it is obvious that both of these games are completely different. Although both are set in huge, open worlds, ED is set in space, full of galaxies and otherworldly exploration opportunities. In contrast, Conan Exiles is set in the mythical Conan the Conqueror universe, one that's much more medieval in nature and presentation.

It is hard to imagine why on Earth any of Elite: Dangerous player should even consider jumping out of his spaceship for an ax. But it appears that there are features in Conan Exiles that could appeal to average ED fan. Let's take a look.

They're Both Games of Survival

Elite: Dangerous and Conan Exiles are both survival games. Regardless of their significantly divergent environments and survival obstacles, ED and Conan both require a certain set skills to stay alive in harsh, unforgiving environments.

It seems that, in fact, Conan is even more demanding on its players due to the sheer amount of different challenges presented at any one time, such as harsh environments, ferocious natural obstacles, ancient warriors, and even mysterious creatures occupying endless dungeons.

In Elite: Dangerous, survival is all about maintaining your ship and your wallet, avoiding nasty pirates, and keeping relationships with system factions. Ships can be burned while jumping out of hyperspace -- if you're too close to the star -- players can be attacked by pirates or other players, or they can die in space due to the lack of fuel in their ships...

Both games are hard, and ED players might just like the challenge Conan presents. 

They're Both Games of Discovery

One of the main features of Elite: Dangerous is traveling to and discovering new star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy. Spending ages scanning space bodies, gathering data, landing on planets – all of those make up ED's primary draw. The average commander can spend not only hours, but days and months travelling to the edges of the Galaxy and back -- all in the name of discovery.

Perhaps discovering an ancient world with Conan could give ED players the same level of excitement, or perhaps even more? There are dungeons there, vast lands to cross, ancient tribes to fight, and all sorts of creatures to discover. 

Any explorer -- even one from space -- should be able to find something interesting in the Conan Exiles universe.

They're Both Games of Building and Construction

In this case, Conan Exiles has more to offer than Elite: Dangerous. I know, just hear me out... The game has a very sophisticated building system, letting players build more than just simple things such as tools, weapons and armour.

But this is not everything. In Conan Exiles players can also build their own homes, turn it into a fortress, and then even build an entire town around this fortress. If this is not enough -- players can also craft their own furniture and decorations to customise their own home or settlement further.

This is much more that ED currently offering. Jumping into the world of Conan Exiles could give ED players a small taste of the potential additions, at least in the construction area, for Elite: Dangerous -- if Frontier would decide to implement them.

Right now in Elite, instead of building things, players can improve their ships by adding modernized modules, prepared by so-called 'Engineers'. It is sort of a game of construction, but certainly not on the same level as Conan Exiles.

Conan, in this case, can offer much more.

They're Both Games of Domination

Both titles offer a lot in regards to game politics and domination over other players and territory.

In Elite: Dangerous, it's very common for conflicts between various factions to break out, with Commanders fighting it out in space. But they also try to dominate the opposition in other ways, such as through political and economic turmoil. 

Conan Exiles has a lot to offer in the domination game, too. Players can wage wars, fight enemies, and rule over Exiled Lands.

It wouldn't be very difficult for ED commanders to switch the space of the Milky Way to the wastelands of the Barbarian Continent.

Elite: Dangerous and Conan Exiles are games played in open worlds that are heavily dependent on every player’s imagination. To play them, it is necessary to pursue your own ideas and place them into each game's reality.

Perhaps there are huge differences between both ED and Conan, but it is not difficult to imagine that at least some of the features of the Barbarian Era would pique the interest of space commanders.

Without doubt, Conan Exiles is a game worth trying after all!

Are you an Elite: Dangerous fan? Did you try Conan Exiles? Do you think you could play both games or even switch? Sound off in the comments below!