I’m Too Young to Die: What DOOM’s New Board Game Gets Right About the FPS Classic

The new board game of DOOM is exactly what fans of the game would want. It is almost perfect. Here is what it does right and what it does wrong.

The new board game of DOOM is exactly what fans of the game would want. It is almost perfect. Here is what it does right and what it does wrong.
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Initially scheduled for release in Early 2017, the new DOOM board game released just this week. It is based off the DOOM video game that released back in May this year. As a whole, the board game is exactly what fans would want from an adaptation but it does have a few small issues that stop it from being perfect.

Amazing Design

One of the first things you will notice when it comes to the board game is the miniatures. There are various miniatures ranging from marines to the demons from the game such as the Imp, Cacodemon, Pinky, and the ferocious Cyberdemon.

The marines come with various iconic weapons from the game including the chainsaw, shotgun, rocket launcher and of course the BFG 9000. All the miniatures are wonderfully designed right down to the absolute tiniest of details.

They come as seen in the picture above allowing for fans of painting miniatures to do so as they see fit. With almost 40 of them in the box, it is bound to keep fans when painting them.

Plenty of goodness for your buck

As if the miniatures alone aren’t worthy of the game’s $79.99 price tag, there is a tonne more content to be found in the box. For a start, the game comes bundled with 2 different campaigns each consisting of 6 missions, allowing for plenty of variety in play. There is also the 12 decks of cards including a set of three cards for each weapon, 12 Invasion Cards, 24 Class Cards and 4 Squad Cards.

All the cards are well designed and look absolutely amazing, on top of that they easy for players to follow. The only problem with the cards would be the difficulty in telling which deck is which, as there is no writing on the back of the cards you have to flip each one over to tell what deck it is.

Aside from that, there is a whole lot of goodness going in the box. The price of $79.99 may be daunting, but when you think about everything you actually get the price becomes justified.

Simple rules yet in-depth gameplay

The rules of the game are relatively simple and consist of 2-5 players. One player controls the demons while the other players take on the role of marines. They each take turns one by one, making their moves and actions. The aim is for the marines to wipe out the demons and vice versa. 

The various cards for each side make things very interesting and change up the gameplay each time. Depending on the cards you get determine your set up of demons or marines. It results in the rules of the game being simple to understand while there is a tactical complexity to the whole experience ensuring plenty of replayability.

Of course, let’s not forget the Glory Kills. Yes, even brutally violent glory kills from the game are implemented into the board game. Essentially once an enemy is weakened a marine can move in and instantly kill a demon along with hopes of getting multiple kills.

There really is a lot of depth to the game, mix that with multiple missions and campaigns and you got a board game that will keep you going quite some time.

Everything a DOOM fan could ask for

The board game for DOOM is essentially everything a fan could ask for. You have all the demons, the marines and even the glory kill mechanic from the game. With a large array of varying missions, cards, player set ups and more there is a huge amount of replayability on offer.

Not to mention the immense detail in the design of the miniatures, they look spectacular. It may appear as if it has a hefty price at $79,99 but when you look at what it offers, there is a whole lot of DOOM for your buck and definitely worth it for a fan to pick up.

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