Interview with Youtuber and Cosplayer Raychul Moore

A quick interview with Raychul Moore

A quick interview with Raychul Moore

Making gaming videos on YouTube and doing cosplay are two things that people 15 years ago never would have thought would be actual things. Now, however both are real and can become careers. This is the case for Raychul Moore. 

Raychul is a pretty big YouTuber, with over 65,000 subscribers, and is also big in the cosplay world. I had a chance to do an interview with her and she talked a lot about her passion for gaming, her fans and her super rare Uncharted collectible. Make sure to check out her YouTube channel.

Dennis Adame: For people reading this interview, who don’t know who you are, tell us a bit about yourself?

Raychul Moore: Hi! I’m Raychul! Ummm, let’s see…I’m a gamer; have been since my single-digits. I’m also a cosplayer; which I think was a pretty natural hobby for me to get into due to that first fact about me. And I’m also a YouTuber; where I blend the first two facts into videos and livestreams. Oh, and I also am an avid action figure collector and have an obsession with knee socks. I think that about sums me all up!

DA: Your YouTube says that you are a gamer, cosplayer and an action figure collector, which one of the three is your favorite and why?

RM: Whoa, it’s like YouTube read that first line! Well then it must be all true! 😀 My main passion in life is gaming. It’s why I’ve gotten into the other things I love like cosplaying and YouTube-ing and it’s what I’ve pretty much based my entire life on.

DA: Within the last four months you have been doing a lot of live chats on YouTube, why is that?

RM: Oh, I used to do a lot more live chats but things got so busy I stopped for a little while. But now I’m back! I do live chats, where I and the viewers just sit around and gossip about Miranda’s butt, every Tuesday at 3pm PST, and I do game live streams every Thursday at 3pm PST. Honestly, the live chats are my favorite part of the week! It’s really like a bunch of friends just hanging out at Starbucks talking about video games and stuff. I adooooore my time to chat with everyone!!!

DM: What is your favorite game so far this year?

RM: GAAAAAAH, such a hard question! Especially since I’m not done with Fallout 4 yet and haven’t even started the new Tomb Raider!!! Soooo, out of the games I’ve finished, I’d say the Witcher 3. I loved that game, even though I didn’t realize I couldn’t romance both Triss and Yennifer and ended up alone. Sad Geralt.

DA: What is your favorite game of all time?

RM: Another hard question! I can never answer with just one, because several games are my favorite for different reasons. So, I’d say my top 10, in no special order, are: Bioshock, Borderlands 2, Super Mario 64, Uncharted 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Eternal Darkness, Silent Hill 2, Dishonored, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Majora’s Mask.

DA: What collectible is your absolute favorite? Why?

RM: Definitely my Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunters Edition because it’s super rare, only 200 were made and they were never available in stores. I got mine through an Uncharted 2 multiplayer tournament that Sony and Naughty Dog put together. Also, it’s one of my all-time favorite games, it comes with a life-sized replica of the Phurba Dagger and is signed by a bunch of devs and artists who worked on the game. It’s my pride and joy.

DA: What is your earliest memory of gaming?

RM: My earliest memory is definitely Pitfall on Atari 2600, which was my first system. I loved that game and would play it every day after school, I was determined to beat it. When I then found out it doesn’t have an ending, it just loops and loops…I was devastated…but my obsession didn’t stop and I was hooked.

DA: What was your first cosplay?

RM: My first cosplay was Natalia Kassle from the Danger Girl comics. I went to SDCC for the first time with a group of friends and we did a Danger Girl group cosplay.

DA: What cosplays are you currently working on?

RM: Right now I have several in the works. I am totally scrapping my Kratos cosplay and starting completely fresh with plans for big upgrade on that one. Also, working on Leeloo from The Fifth Element, Juno Eclipse from the Force Unleashed and I still really have my heart set on doing Corvo from Dishonored.

DA: You meet a lot of fans of conventions; are there any memories that stand out?

RM: All of theeeeeeem!!! I adore meeting everyone! Because of my live chats and also playing a lot of games with a lot of my fans, they have really become good friends to me. So finally getting to meet so many of them in person is really mega special to me!!

DA: Your most recent video is an unboxing of Fallout 4 the Pip-Boy edition. What are your thoughts of Fallout 4 so far?

RM: I love it! I mean, there are a lot of issues and draw-backs in the game, maybe even more so than positive points…but that hasn’t stopped me from getting super obsessed with it and all the little mico-managing of everything!! I also love so many of my companions! Piper and Nick Valentine are definitely my favorites.

DA: Is there anything people reading this should know about you? 

RM: Umm, I hate the sound of crying babies. So don’t bring me any crying babies. Actually, don’t bring me babies at all…they smell. But you can totally bring me kittens and donuts! Also, Triss is so much better than Yennifer and I’m prepared to debate that matter, if need be.

DA: Anything you want to say to your fans?

RM:I love all of your faces.

Thanks for checking out the interview. Make sure to check out Raychul’s Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

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