Hop in your Titan, and get ready for the release of Titanfall 2! But do fans actually want this game?

Is Titanfall 2 The Game Fans Wanted?

Hop in your Titan, and get ready for the release of Titanfall 2! But do fans actually want this game?

With Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 releasing very soon on the 28th October, a largely anticipated game among Xbox and PC players, comes out for consoles and PCs. It’s no doubt that players are extremely excited for the new installation to be released, especially after the fantastic multiplayer Tech Test was released a month back.

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Back in March of 2014, the release of Titanfall was a bit of a mess, taking until October for it to finally hit ten million copies sold, along with patches and fixes that upped the games quality over the course of the first few months of it’s release. But these issues didn’t make Titanfall a bad game, it was a rather fantastic game. When Titanfall 2 was announced, fans hoped for better, and hoped that the changes Titanfall 2 brings would do this.

But is Titanfall 2 a game that players wanted?

Single Player Experience

Titanfall had a story mode in its own way, bringing in both multiplayer and singleplayer together in one game — it could be played with friends or just random players. Sadly, this wasn’t taken well by players, and was one of the main “problems” discussed by players who were seeking something different.

Luckily, Titanfall 2 was given it’s very own single player campaign, and even had a trailer to show off just a bit of the story. Though, this may be a problem for those who liked the idea of Titanfall being a story based multiplayer game, but most are eager to give the single player mode a chance.

Limited Release

People who were excited for Titanfall to be released were somewhat upset that it was a Xbox One/PC exclusive, meaning that owners of the PlayStation 4 couldn’t get their hands on the game. Of course, this was addressed by Respawn, as Titanfall 2 was announced for PS4 also.

With Titanfall 2 coming as a fully multiplatform game, it means that not just Xbox players can get in on the fun, leading to more connections with friends, and possibly new players from all over the world.

Graphics Enhancement

Though, most thought that the graphics were pretty damn good, some weren’t as satisfied with them compared the original, released in 2014. Of course, since it was made for two consoles and PC (Xbox 360 and Xbox One), it wasn’t going to have the best graphics, since it was meant for multiple consoles.

After experiencing the open beta for Titanfall 2, many players and fans saw a huge increase with the graphics, and the smooth flow of the game. While, it was just a beta, the graphics were really spot on, and great to look at for hours upon hours.

More Titans

While fans were a bit disappointed with the limited supply of Titans in Titanfall — as there were only three that you could choose from. Though, these Titans were fun to play as, it wasn’t as fun knowing how limited the customization was with only three Titans.

One of the biggest announcements for the sequel, was the introduction of six playable Titans, all having their very own special abilities and weapons. The increased amount of Titans, while still a small number, is definitely an improvement.

More Weapons

Just as with the Titans, the limited amount of weapons were a slight drawback to the possibilities that could have made Titanfall even better. Not to say the weapons were bad, but some felt unbalanced. There were no guns in between the overpowered or weak weapons, along with some of the snipers being just a bit difficult to use.

On the other hand, from the first glance of the beta, the weapons in Titanfall 2 look more balanced, and Respawn increased the amount than they originally had. Not to mention, players have said that most of the weapons they used were actually a lot easier to control.


Respawn seemed to take into consideration for what players wanted in Titanfall, to both fans of the first game, and to new players seeking a different option from Battlefield and Call of Duty. All the while still giving off a feeling of fast paced, first person shooter action. So Titanfall 2 looks to be exactly the game fans want.

Titanfall 2 comes out October 28th, 2016.

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