Is WiLD the next big leap for open world games?

WiLD may change the way we look at open world games.

WiLD may change the way we look at open world games.
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After it’s unveiling last week during Paris Games Week, WiLD generated a lot of hype. A few days later, Fallout 4 compressed images leaked on the Internet which sparked a discussion about what people have come to expect from AAA game titles. This raises a question: what games can live up to the high standards that today’s gamers have?

Playstation’s WiLD looks up to snuff and may possibly offer one of the most beautiful open-world experiences to date. During its presentation, creator Michael Ancel showed the community the miraculous scenic vistas that WiLD has to offer. Based on what was presented, WiLD may rival or even exceed the highly regarded Witcher 3 in terms of detail on both characters and scenery. 

Ancel hopes to immerse players inside the world of WiLD by allowing them to create a character of their own. This is different from the concept of other games’ open world character customization in the sense that your shaman’s capabilities will be visible on you. There are various tattoo markings and animal divinities that players are able to choose from. This customization method only expands as you explore more areas. 

WiLD incorporates many new aspects into its gameplay, while staying true to the concepts that gamers love. The game may very well pave the way to new expectations of AAA open world games. As of now, WiLD is still in its early development stages, but keep a lookout for anymore upcoming news.

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